What to do if you are tired in autumn

As the saying goes, spring is sleepy, autumn is scarce, and summer is snoring. During the hot summer, the weather changes from heat to cold, and many people will have a lazy feeling of fatigue, that is, fall in autumn , which is a natural phenomenon. The Chushu solar term is in an alternating period from heat to cold. The yang in the natural world tends to converge from dredging, and the ups and downs of the yin and yang in the human body also change.

After the end of summer, the temperature difference between morning and evening generally increases, and autumn is high, and people will feel more comfortable. Why do people still feel tired at this time? This is because in the hot summer, human skin humidity and body temperature increase, due to excessive sweating, water and salt metabolism are dysregulated, gastrointestinal function is weakened, cardiovascular and nervous system burdens are increased, coupled with insufficient sleep and Comfortable environmental regulation, the human body excessively consumes energy and loses a lot of oldness.

Although the human body sweats less in autumn, the production and emission of body heat and water and salt metabolism gradually return to the original equilibrium state. As a result, the human body enters a period of physiological recuperation, and the body will experience various discomforts . Some symptoms that are latent in summer will appear. The body will also have an inexplicable feeling of fatigue. This situation is Autumn Lack.

In the summer, the days are short, the weather is sultry, and many people suffer from chronic lack of sleep. After getting cold in the summer, it is time to change the habit of going to bed late in the summer, try to fall asleep before 10 pm, and go to bed early and get up early, in order to enter the ready to war state in advance to prevent sleepiness at work. You can also take a proper nap, which will help resolve the distress.

Keep your diet light and nutritious. Do not eat or eat less spicy barbecue foods, including peppers, ginger, pepper, green onions, cinnamon and wine. In terms of Chinese medicine, these foods are likely to aggravate Qiuzao s harm to the human body. Moderately increase the intake of high-quality protein, such as eggs, lean meat, fish, dairy products and soy products.

Do not eat greasy food. Greasy foods can produce drowsy acidic substances in the body and should be eaten less; eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more water to help refreshing. This is because the vitamins in fruits and vegetables as coenzymes can help the liver to remove the metabolites accumulated in the human body as soon as possible. At the same time, vegetables and fruits are alkaline foods. Their metabolites can neutralize the acidic substances produced during muscle fatigue, which can make people eliminate fatigue.

Even when you are not tired, you will feel comfortable if you consciously stretch a few lazy waists. Stretching your waist can squeeze the chest organs of the body against the heart and lungs, which is conducive to the full movement of the heart, so that more oxygen can be supplied to various tissues and organs.

The living room is suitable for growing ivy, figs, pitcher plant and common aloe. These plants can not only deal with bacteria and small bugs brought back from the outdoors, but can even absorb dust that is difficult to get even with a vacuum cleaner.

The office is suitable for aloe vera and spider plant, which can transform formaldehyde, which is thought to be carcinogenic, into natural substances like sugar or amino acids during their metabolism.

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