10 traditional Chinese medicines that can be kept in the home

  Nowadays, people usually have a small medicine box at home, which contains some commonly used medicines for headaches and fever, or some medicinal oils, etc. in case of emergency.

  Everyone s concept, the medicines in the small medicine cabinet should be some western medicines that work surprisingly fast, such as medicines that can quickly relieve pain, antipyretics that can immediately cool down, and so on. I want to say that in fact, we can always have some Chinese herbs in their homes. Their ability to condition the body and solve small problems is sometimes not even comparable to some western medicine. The ten traditional Chinese medicines recommended below are not only easy to preserve but also effective.

  For example, if the family member gets cold and rain and sneezes again and again, we don t need to give him any western medicine for colds. Just cut a few slices of ginger, add some brown sugar and boil it for him, and he will soon become alive and well.

  Ginger has another effect that many people don t know is its ability to stop vomiting. Most vomiting, especially pregnancy vomiting, a glass of ginger juice (or boiled ginger water), can make people come over , both effective and safe. However, it should be noted that ginger is warmer and should not be used by people who usually have yin deficiency and internal heat.

  The child has a weak spleen and stomach, always has no appetite to eat, and also has diarrhea from time to time. It is best to let him take more yam. Chinese yam has certain effects on chronic cough and shortness of breath caused by deficiency of lung qi in the elderly, softness of backache caused by deficiency of kidney qi and frequent nocturia. The yam is characterized by its peaceful nature and can be used as food for a long time (both soup and porridge, tastes very good).

  For those who are weak after illness and need long-term nutritional supplements, yam is a quality and cheap supplement. Even people who are “inappropriate for deficiency” will not experience “hot air” when eating yam.

  The Lingnan area is relatively humid, so everyone can use it to cook soup to help remove dampness. It should be noted that, although indica rice has a spleen strengthening effect, it is cooler after all, so those with a physical constitution that is afraid of cold should not take it for a long time.

  After staying up late, feel dry and dizzy, sore throat and coughing? A cup of American Ginseng Tea can make you feel better. I have to say that American ginseng is cold, and people with weak spleen and stomach should not eat more, otherwise it will not only nourish the body, but will cause damage to the body.

  After After major bleeding after surgery (trauma), even after menstruation, you can get blood immediately after taking Ejiao. In addition, Ejiao has a good hemostatic effect on various kinds of bleeding, especially women s menstruation and bleeding. Gelatin is sticky and people with weak spleen and stomach may feel indigestion after taking it.

  Smell is bitter, bitter, and warm in nature, and has the effects of regulating qi, regulating the middle, removing dampness, and reducing phlegm. It can be used to treat stomach pain, belching, nausea, and vomiting caused by spleen and stomach stagnation. I always cough, the sputum is pale and white, and it is also effective for relieving phlegm and cough when drinking with Chenpi soaked in water.

  Heat fever and liver fire caused dizziness, headache, red eyes and pain, just drink a cup of chrysanthemum tea. Many people know this, so I won t go into details.

  Sex Honeysuckle and chrysanthemum have a similar sexual taste, but it has a better detoxifying effect. Sore throat, hot poison and purgative diarrhea. Drink honey instead of tea with honeysuckle. In a day, the symptoms will be greatly improved.

  In the middle of summer, the child s hot sorrow is very pitiful. Use honeysuckle to make a thick potion, and scrub repeatedly in those places where the gardenia grows. After one day, you can see the gardenia sink. In addition to gardenia , honeysuckle water is also effective for other scabies, sores, bloated, etc.

  Traditional Chinese medicine has the saying that Shenwei Salvia miltiorrhizae has the same function as Siwu (referring to Siwu Decoction which has the function of promoting blood circulation). It can be seen that the effect of salvia miltiorrhiza is very good. Salvia miltiorrhiza can be used for long-term conditioning treatment of diseases such as coronary heart disease and sequelae of cerebral infarction. It also has certain effects on dysmenorrhea and abdominal pain caused by blood stasis.

  Children with indigestion, using corn germ and malt to boil water for tea, on the one hand can quickly solve the problem, on the other hand, there is no damage to the child s body, why not do it.

  Barley germ and malt also have the effect of returning milk. When women are weaning, they can take them with decoction. Where is the labor hormone needed to wean off?

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