A few moves to ease your mouse hand

  I believe that friends who often work with computers and desks often have a hand, not hand feeling. That may be because your hand has become a mouse hand. What can you do? Let s read the following article!

  People who often use the mouse need prevention and treatment. It can not only be relieved by maintaining the correct sitting position or changing the position of the mouse. Proper acupoint massage can achieve more effective results. Massage to treat the mouse hand method: Generally, if you use the mouse with your right hand, use your left finger to simultaneously rub the right hand s Daling and Yangchi points, and press for 0.5-1 minute.

  If you live in a humid area, such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, etc., using a hair dryer to treat sore joints is effective, very comfortable, and it will not hurt immediately. You can judge whether you like to be wet or dry based on the pain, but ask the doctor to ask you to keep a good distance and don t blow your skin.

  Maintain the correct sitting position. The keyboard should be placed directly in front of the user, and the height of the keyboard and mouse should not be too high. When the arm hangs down naturally, the height of the elbow joint is the height of the keyboard and mouse.

  It is recommended that qualified users use an ergonomic keyboard and use a mouse that is suitable for their hand shape. This can effectively improve the comfort and avoid the mouse hand.

  Hold the water bottle with a load in the palm. First, hold the water bottle with your palm upwards, from the natural drooping to the upward movement, then hold the water bottle with your palms downward, and exercise from bottom to top, 25 times each, to exercise the flexor wrist.

  Hold the ball in two hands (such as tennis), or hold something that can be held in the palm (such as fruit), and flip the wrist up and down 20 times each. The weight of the ball depends on your strength.

  The above is the method to alleviate the sore wrist caused by using the keyboard and mouse for a long time. I believe everyone has learned it! Finally, I wish you all good health and a happy life!

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