A few points you must know before losing weight

Weight loss is an eternal theme of human beautification. Who doesn t want a healthy, slender, slim, and graceful body. However, losing weight is not an easy topic.

Looking around in today s society, there are many unscientific ideas and behaviors in many weight-loss people. Therefore, the light effect is not good, even if it has some effects, it can t be consolidated. On the other hand, Adverse reactions such as malnutrition and physical decline; What s more, it evolved into anorexia nervosa and even died of death, which are often found in newspapers. I think that if you can correct your ideas and prepare some necessary knowledge before losing weight, many disadvantages can be completely avoided. The knowledge you should have is roughly the following:

Weight loss is a medical behavior. No matter what method is adopted, there will be more obvious metabolic changes in the body during weight loss, sometimes even sharp. These physiological, pathological and pharmacological changes need to be evaluated and dealt with in a timely manner . Those who respond strongly require medical supervision. These require specialized knowledge, which is beyond ordinary people s grasp. This means that weight loss should be done under the guidance of a doctor, preferably a specialist.

The so-called obesity means too much fat in the body. The central part of the onset is that the human body consumes too much energy and consumes relatively little energy. The remaining energy is stored in the form of fat, and when it reaches a certain amount, it becomes obese. Therefore, before establishing the need to implement weight loss, you should assess whether you are obese. Many boys and girls are joining the ranks of weight loss because of fashion and incorrect understanding of slimness, which is not desirable . These people are mainly to prevent obesity and fitness, to make themselves have an ideal weight and proper muscle fat ratio through moderate diet and exercise. This is a different concept from weight loss.

Lose weight should be considered from a long-term perspective, not quick success and immediate benefits, after the effect is achieved, it must be maintained and consolidated for life. The goal is too large, it is not easy to reach or it is easy to produce obvious adverse reactions. Monthly weight loss of 0.5 to 1 kg is already considerable. Strictly speaking, weight loss should be controlled to reduce excessive fat in the body and increase the muscles in the body, so as to truly achieve the purpose of fitness and weight loss. Improper weight loss occurs at the expense of muscles in the body, resulting in malnutrition and decreased fitness. To find a reasonable balance between weight loss and fitness, or even both, requires superb technology and art.

The method of weight loss is three-dimensional and multi-dimensional, which can be described as various, but the reason is very simple. The former is to actively control the energy intake, and the latter is to increase energy consumption and has a fitness function. These are the correction of obesity from the source. The other is one of the most natural therapies, applied properly, without any side effects, and with almost no cost. All the other methods are supplementary, and they can only be considered when you are not satisfied with the exact diet and exercise therapy.

Can t insist on diet and exercise therapy with some difficulty. From the aspects of human energy metabolism, there are the following types of weight loss drugs: appetite suppressants, digestion and absorption blockers, fat synthesis inhibitors, fat cell proliferation inhibitors, and insulin secretion inhibitors. Central nervous system appetite inhibitors have the longest history of application. They mainly act on the feeding center through neurotransmitters, which reduces appetite and achieves the purpose of dieting. Fenfluramine is the earliest application, which has been used for nearly 25 years and has a reliable effect. However, some people have recently reported that it may cause pulmonary hypertension and heart valve degeneration. Some western countries such as the United States have banned it. Most western European countries and China still application. However, there are also many objections. The above reports are retrospective and lack of prospective observation. These cases a re mostly combined medications and large doses. The author believes that the treatment of a drug with a long history of application and a more reliable effect should be treated with caution. Except for scientific and prospective observation, the dosage should not be large during the current application, and the treatment course should not exceed 3 months, and it should be strengthened. Observation of side effects. Sibutramine is a newly developed central appetite suppressant in the past two or three years. It has both a certain energy-promoting function and a positive weight loss effect, but also has some side effects, such as a certain blood pressure raising effect and gastrointestinal response. The gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor orlistat (Xenical) has a significant effect on inhibiting fat absorption, which can reduce the absorption of intake fat by about 30% and make it excrete from feces.

Smart readers can learn from the effects of the above two types of drugs. The former is an appetite suppressant, which reduces the appetite by reducing appetite. If the weight-loss person has a certain will, he can reduce the amount of food on his own, and the same effect can be achieved. It is suitable for people who eat a lot of fat. It is not effective for obesity caused by carbohydrate intake. If you can actively reduce fat intake, you can also get curative effects. It can be seen that people s feeding behavior, the total energy of food and the rationality of its composition are important.

First of all, it should be understood that health products are not medicines. The drug has a pharmacological effect, and only after a rigorous clinical trial can it prove its therapeutic effect. Health products are not medicines, no clinical trials are needed, and there is no therapeutic effect. Strictly speaking, it should be included in the category of food, and only the ingredients and content need to be specified, which conforms to the Food Sanitation Law, and the health products are strictly prohibited from containing drugs. The health care products are really misleading.

In short, the scientific implementation of weight loss needs to pay attention to the following points: weight loss is a serious medical act with certain indications; the weight loss process should be carried out under the guidance and supervision of a doctor; diet and exercise therapy are its most basic and basic treatment methods (The most economical), other therapies are complementary therapies based on this; drug therapy is always complementary, not suitable for long-term application, the purpose of behavioral therapy is to develop and consolidate its scientific lifestyle , pay attention to nutrition when taking medicine Become a scientific habit, so that weight loss may eventually succeed after stopping the medicine; health care products should not be mixed in weight loss medicine. Correct, scientific lifestyle and behavior are the most reliable guarantee for weight loss and fitness.

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