After cold dew, you should eat more yam lotus root

Chinese yam is not only a traditional Chinese medicine but also a gourmet food, and it is a familiar nourishing treasure. Studies have shown that the content of B vitamins in yam is several times that of rice, and the potassium content in minerals is extremely rich . In addition, yam has an adjuvant effect on diabetes. In addition to being prone to satiety and helping to control food intake, mannan also has the function of improving glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity.

Because of the high starch content in yam, it is best to use yam to replace part of the staple food, that is, to reduce the amount of staple food appropriately, especially those with diabetes, so as not to cause the problem of excess energy . Lotus root contains mucus protein and dietary fiber, which can be combined with bile salts in the body, cholesterol and triglycerides in food, which can be excreted from feces, thereby reducing lipid absorption.

The lotus root has a unique fragrance and also contains tannins. It has certain spleen and antidiarrheal effects, can promote appetite, promote digestion, appetizing and strengthening, and is beneficial to poor appetite and poor appetite to restore health.

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