After the beginning of autumn, you should raise lungs and prevent dryness

Today is finally the beginning of the autumn season. Although the autumn is not that hot, don t forget that there is still a volt after the autumn. The old Chinese medicine reminded that in dietary maintenance, the main purpose should be to nourish the lungs and prevent dryness. Appropriately, eat more refreshing and moisturized and sweet and sour diet.

Because dry qi is used in the autumn, dry qi is easy to hurt the lungs and consume the body fluid, so we should pay attention to nourishing yin and moistening the lungs, and inhibiting warm and dry things. Eat more melon, bitter gourd and loofah.

Winter melon has the highest water content, almost no fat, and low carbohydrate content, so it has a low caloric value. It is a light food with a water content of more than 96%. Because it is cold, it can clear away heat , relieve diuresis, and defecate. For detoxifying and detoxifying the human body, cooking the soup together with the skin, the effect is more obvious.

People who are obese, vitamin C deficient, pregnancy edema, kidney disease edema, athlete s foot, and diabetes are particularly suitable. However, it is not advisable to eat melon when taking nourishing medicines. Those who have not been cured for a long time, or those with yin deficiency and fire, coldness in the spleen and stomach, and those who have diarrhea or diarrhea should be cautious.

The content of protein, fat and carbohydrates of bitter gourd is higher in melons and vegetables, especially the content of vitamin C is as high as 84 mg per 100 grams, ranking first among melons.

Loquat bitter gourd also contains crude fiber, carotene, bitter glucoside, phosphorus, iron and various minerals, amino acids and other nutrients, which can clear the heat, clear the heat, clear the eyes and relieve fatigue. Bitter melon contains substances similar to insulin , which has a significant effect on lowering blood sugar.

The loofah juice is called beauty water. This is because the loofah contains vitamin B1 to prevent skin aging and vitamin C to whiten the skin, which can protect the skin, eliminate plaque, and make the skin white and tender. Its taste is sweet and flat, and it has the functions of clearing away summer heat, detoxifying and purging, expelling wind and phlegm, passing the meridians, flowing blood, and lower milk.

After Li Qiu, you should pay more attention to eating more fruits and vegetables to increase fiber and moisture, so it is not appropriate to focus on meat at this time. Even if you are posting autumn crickets, you should also pay attention to the nutritional matching of meat and vegetables. In addition, the humidity in the air is small in autumn, and the skin is easy to dry. Therefore, attention should be paid to water and vitamin intake throughout the fall.

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