Analysis of the causes of drowsiness in the elderly

Many elderly people experience drowsiness in their lives, and most of them show that they sleep too much during the day or want to sleep when they are fine. So what are the causes of drowsiness in the elderly, and what is the cause of drowsiness in the elderly? Experts say that the causes of drowsiness in the elderly are more complicated, mainly including brain factors, physical factors, environmental factors, and drug factors. Below, we will briefly introduce the causes of drowsiness in the elderly to help the elderly get rid of insomnia as soon as possible.

If the elderly live a lonely, monotonous and lonely environment, coupled with poor physical function and poor heart function, or suffering from osteoarthritis, the elderly tend to be inactive and prone to drowsiness. Therefore, after understanding the causes of drowsiness among the elderly, children should pay attention to arrange the daily life of the elderly, pay attention to appropriate activities suitable for the characteristics of the elderly, so that the elderly feel full and meaningful life, so as to get rid of loneliness, loneliness.

Mainly refers to the side effects of sleeping pills, because some sleeping pills work longer. In addition, if the elderly have chronic renal failure or hypoalbuminemia, the after-effects of sleeping pills are likely to occur, and the after-effects are manifested as poor mentality and tiredness and lethargy after waking up the next day. Therefore, during the examination of drowsiness in the elderly, it was found that the medication taken and the use of sleeping pills had a certain relationship with drowsiness, and the sleeping pills should be discontinued, used or reduced.

When the elderly suffer from drowsiness, they should first consider whether there are brain lesions. For example, when the elderly suffer from inflammation of the brain, brain tumors, brain atrophy, cerebral arteriosclerosis, and cerebrovascular disease, etc., sleepiness may occur.

In general, physical factors are the most common cause of drowsiness in the elderly. The elderly are often physically weak, especially if they suffer from some systemic diseases, such as hypothyroidism or lung infections. The early symptoms are often debilitating and lethargic. Therefore, family members should pay attention to the medical conditions of the elderly, if there is drowsiness in the elderly, they should consult a doctor or go to the hospital for examination in time to prevent delay in treatment.

Experts remind that there are many reasons for the elderly s drowsiness, and we must not take it lightly. We must take active and effective prevention and treatment measures according to the physical and mental characteristics of the elderly to help them avoid the problem of narcolepsy . In addition, the elderly themselves should actively take measures to prevent the cause of drowsiness, such as proper participation in sports and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.

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