Bad habits lead to obesity and room mess

Behavioral psychology research has shown that repetitions over 21 days form habits. The power of habit is great and good! Can! Afraid! Life is long. Who hasn t had so many bad habits? But! We never expected that some of the habits that are not too bad, even God didn t even know that the ghosts started to attack our bodies. Now let s scoop out these little demons one by one for everyone!

American psychologist Peter Walsh once pointed out in a book called The Secret of the Thin Man s Room that cluttered houses can lead to obesity. Laziness breeds disorder, which in turn promotes laziness. A messy room reflects a person s chaotic life , such as a poor diet and a lack of exercise. And when a person s room is messy, it is difficult for him to insist on doing something. For example, he would give up on running because he couldn t find sneakers.

Tips: Cleaning the room is also an exercise that can increase calorie consumption and help lose weight. If you don t have the habit of cleaning up the room now. You develop this habit step by step. For example, at the beginning, you can clean the room once a month, then shorten it to one week, and then shorten it to daily or every other day. Naturally, you will fall in love with the kind of exercise of cleaning the room.

Some people are afraid of the dark, so they will install an energy-saving lamp or a bedside lamp in the room and sleep at night with the light on. Unexpectedly, turning on the lights to sleep can also make you fat.

Ohio Researchers at Ohio State University have used mice to do experiments, dividing mice into two groups. The two groups of mice lived the same time during the day. During the night, researchers let one group of mice spend in the dim light, and another group of mice spend in the dark. Two months later, both groups of mice gained weight. Rats staying in the dim light increased by 4 grams more than those staying in the dark. Researchers reasoned that this was due to a decrease in hormonal secretion caused by night lights, resulting in a circadian clock disturbance and weight gain.

Whether the girl has a cold, the aunt is here, her stomach hurts, and she feels dizzy. The boy will only say one word, Drink more water. Don t think this is a perfunctory word. Drinking more water not only can cure colds, stomachaches, but also lose weight! A study from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom proves this. Research indicates that for overweight people, drinking 500 ml of water before meals can help lose weight. They studied obese patients and found that after 12 weeks, subjects who drank half a litre of water before meals lost 7 pounds more than those who did not increase their water intake before meals.

Drinking water can lose weight. If you drink less water, your figure may be destroyed! Water is the source of life and plays an important role in the metabolism of the body. If you dont drink enough water, your body s metabolism will decline, and the effect of fat burning will be worse, and people will become obese easily.

Tips: The average daily water consumption of a person should be 2000 ~ 2500 ml. To get rid of the water in food, people need to drink about 1000 ~ 1200ml of water a day. At 200 ml per cup of water, you need to drink about 6 cups of water a day. If you exercise a lot or eat heavy food on the day, you should also increase the amount of water you drink. There is no fixed time for drinking water. Generally, you should drink a glass of water after waking up in the morning, before meals, after meals, and 1 to 2 hours before going to bed at night.

When the air is hot, the air is cold, the air is warm, and the indoor temperature will be more than 20 degrees for a long time. Moreover, at a comfortable temperature, people are prone to sedentary. For a long time, fat is a matter of time.

Tips: Just keep it cold and warm, don t make yourself too comfortable. It is hot in summer and you can turn on the air conditioner occasionally, but do not leave it on. Or you can replace the air conditioner with a fan. It is cold in winter and you can do some warm-up exercises besides wearing more clothes.

The satiating satiety is produced by the brain. Xiaobian here is obliged to teach everyone to distinguish between the two concepts of saturated stomach and full brain. When a person s stomach is full, a signal is sent to the brain. When the brain senses the satisfaction message, people will feel full and stop eating. However, message delivery takes time. It usually takes 20 minutes for the brain to sense the full message. People who eat too fast may eat too much before they feel full .

Tips and tricks: Chew slowly, chew each meal about 20 times, and eat a meal for at least 20 minutes. To avoid eating more, people can use small plates for food.

Often sleeping late will affect the secretion of leptin, which makes people appetite and easy to eat at night. At night, the amount of exercise is reduced and the metabolism is not as vigorous as during the day. The food eaten is most likely to become fat accumulation. Even if you stay up late and do not eat, lack of sleep will affect a person s mental state, reduce the person s enthusiasm for exercise, and it is not conducive to weight loss.

Tips: Sleep for 7.5 hours a day, and it would be better if you can go to bed before 11:00 a day. You can do a simple massage or bubble feet before bed to help improve sleep quality.

Mark Twain said: Habit is habit, no one can throw it out of the window, only patience can coax it upstairs step by step. After understanding the obesity caused by the above six bad habits, I thought People who lose weight have to be patient with bad habits and gradually develop good habits in order to fight obesity.

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