Basic tips on bariatric surgery

The pretty face must always have the perfect figure to accompany it, but many women do have the face of an angel, but the figure of the devil cannot be found. So one of the most popular bariatric surgery is used. If you really want to achieve weight loss through bariatric surgery, you should first understand the relevant knowledge of bariatric surgery.

There are roughly three types of weight loss surgery, closed weight loss surgery, open weight loss surgery, and combined weight loss surgery. Let s take a look at closed weight loss surgery, which is often called liposuction. The operation uses a small skin incision. With the help of a special suction head and a negative pressure suction device, the fat tissue accumulated under the skin is absorbed to achieve weight loss. Although it appeared relatively late, because of the small incision, the trauma to the body is relatively small, the effect is more ideal, and it is popular all over the world. Liposuction is generally only applicable to adults. It is only suitable for adolescents, children and patients with bleeding and infectious diseases, such as hemophilia, aplastic anemia, and people with severe infections. Should not be implemented. Adults can draw on almost every part of the entire body surface. Among them, localized fat accumulation is the first indication. For those patients with severe diffuse obesity and whole body, repeated liposuction can improve the appearance of the body and reduce the psychological pain of patients. In patients with obvious abdominal fat, if the lower abdomen skin is not sagging, you can also perform simple liposuction first. General bariatric surgery has certain requirements for the human body. If you have a serious illness, you cannot easily choose weight loss surgery.

Now let s take a look at the second, open weight loss surgery, that is, through surgical methods, the doctor removes excessively loose and accumulated skin and fat under direct vision, and sometimes also needs to correct the deformation of related muscles or aponeurosis to achieve weight loss. purpose. Compared with liposuction, the effect of this operation is more obvious. It is mainly suitable for patients with severely sagging skin and adipose tissue, such as patients with significant accumulation of abdominal fat, which has seriously affected work and daily life. Can achieve better results. This surgery can be used for women who have loosened skin, muscles and aponeurosis due to multiple pregnancy or other reasons, as well as skin and fat sagging formed after a short-term sharp weight loss in obese patients . However, this kind of surgical incision is long and scarring, which causes great trauma to the human body and many complications. Therefore, unmarried women or women who are preparing for pregnancy and people with scar constitution are not suitable for this type of weight loss surgery. Be sure to consult before performing the related surgery.

The last type, combined weight loss surgery is a combination of liposuction and open surgery. Because it makes up for the poor effect of simple skin aspiration to solve excessive skin relaxation, and avoids the major trauma caused by open surgery, it has been praised by domestic and foreign plastic surgery and beauty circles in recent years. Combination surgery is particularly suitable for weight loss in patients with moderate or severe obesity. It uses liposuction to remove excess adipose tissue, and uses skin and liposuction to tighten loose skin and restore elasticity, so the effect is significant. For patients with severe accumulation of abdominal fat and apparently loose skin showing apron-like deformities, the effect of combined surgery is obvious. However, the combined surgery has more trauma and complications than the fat liposuction alone. Therefore, you should choose this surgery carefully.

No matter which weight loss method, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your physical condition, the doctor will give you a rigorous physical examination. The final choice of weight loss surgery will be made by the doctor concerned based on your condition and requirements . Of course, there are ways to achieve better results.

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