Bathing is also about health

Taking a bath is also called bathing. In China, bathing is a big thing. There have been bathing since ancient times. In fact, bathing is not just cleaning your body, it is also an exercise. Eating fasting is not only about quitting vegetarian diet, but also to reconcile the spleen and stomach through dieting; bathing is not just washing away dirt with hot water, it can also rub the skin to make the human skin smooth and bloody. Fully point out the dual effects of bath descaling and fitness .

Case: The Japanese call the hot bath a soup bath, also called soaking the soup, and they often soak together with their children. Put yourself in the bath, and the water at 40 ℃ behind you is poured from the stone trough, exhausting your physical and mental fatigue.

Comments: Fatigue has a certain relationship with the concentration of lactic acid in the human blood. Washing in a warm water bath can speed up metabolism, increase the speed at which the body breaks down lactic acid, and eliminate fatigue. Taking a bath for 20 minutes is equivalent to jogging 500 meters, so bathing also has fitness effects.

Case: Mr. Xu Teli has lived through the vicissitudes of life, but still enjoys a 92-year-old longevity, in which cold water bath is indispensable, which he called the revolutionary battle. After Xu Lao got up, he wiped his head and face with cold water, and then rubbed his neck, chest and back, each time until the skin became red and hot. Whether it is spring, summer, autumn, or the severe winter moon, it never changes.

Comments: Cold water bath can improve the body s cold resistance ability, exercise blood vessel elasticity, is a vascular gymnastics . It should be reminded that the cold water bath has an adaptation process. If you always take a hot bath and suddenly take a cold bath, you will not only get sick but get sick.

Case: Mr. Ma Yinchu is a well-known demographer, educator, and economist in China. He is the former honorary president of Peking University and a 101-year-old old life star. In his early years when he was studying in the United States, he was weak and later met with a 93-year-old doctor who still gave birth. The doctor told him the secret of his physical fitness: hot and cold water bath. Take a hot bath for a quarter of an hour first to allow the entire body and collaterals to unblock, then dry your body, rest for a few minutes, and then quickly take a cold water bath for a few minutes. Since the application of this exercise method, Ma Yinchu has been very healthy and has rarely had a cold.

Comments: Cold and hot water baths can relax the blood vessels one by one, thermal expansion and contraction, and maintain the elasticity of the blood vessels. This is very useful for maintaining normal blood pressure and preventing cardiovascular disease.

The water temperature should not be too high when bathing. The temperature of the bath water should be maintained at about 40 degrees Celsius, and the single bath time should be controlled at 15 minutes. It is best not to exceed 20 minutes. Long time can easily make the skin shrink and dry, especially for the elderly.

The use of scrub bath products can help to remove dead skin on the skin, but don t exert too much strength. Such products should not be used daily. It is sufficient for 2 to 3 times a week.

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