Beware of weather allergies in autumn

Although Liqiu has passed for more than ten days, the heat in Fuzhou has hardly diminished. Dry and sweltering weather makes many people feel uncomfortable. A female colleague was screaming every day. I couldnt sleep at night. The chicken did n t cry in the morning and the person woke up again. Not only that, but also symptoms of dizziness, nausea, and dry mouth during the day. All week. It makes people wonder if they are sick. However, when I went to the hospital for a check, nothing was wrong. The old Chinese medicine doctor said after looking at it, in fact, it was meteorological allergy.

Meteorological allergies? You may also have heard for the first time, but when you have tossed up that you cant sleep at night and you cant eat during the day, you cant help but ask, what is “meteorological allergy”?

Meteorological experts said that when the weather changes, the stimulus of meteorological elements such as temperature and humidity are reflected to the human hypothalamus through the skin, which in turn dominates the pituitary gland to adjust human endocrine function and maintain the physiological balance before and after the weather change. When the weather changes drastically, the time that the human body needs to adapt cannot be met, and various meteorological allergies will occur.

In Fuzhou after the fall, the summer heat is still difficult, but the air is gradually drying. This kind of weather often makes people irritable. As soon as a person is irritable, the lungs are hurt, and the lungs have the main qi, poor air, natural sleep, shallow appetite, and poor spirit. Some people will gradually develop symptoms such as dry mouth, dry throat, dry skin, dry eyes, constipation, and redness in the urine. These are all signs of dryness of the human body as recognized by Chinese medicine. In the early autumn, the health technique is to clear both heat and dryness. How to cope with the fall of events, the old Chinese medicine introduced, starting from the three aspects of diet regulation , living health, mental adjustment.

Climate throughout the year, there are four main themes: spring, summer long, autumn harvest, winter Tibetan. In autumn, the yang energy in the heavens and the earth begins to be taken in. Therefore, the human body s diet, living, and exercise must also follow the climate to change, mainly to nourish qi.

In terms of diet regulation, the elderly have poor digestive function, and should be encouraged to be light. According to old Chinese medicine, one principle must be followed. Grain is the most important and a balanced diet. As the saying goes, One bite of meat, four meals, three vegetables, and two fruits , the diet of the elderly can be based on this and eat more fruits and vegetables.

For example, old friends with a strong qi are not suitable to eat supplements such as ginseng and cordyceps. They can be supplemented with light food such as pork, fruits, and vegetables. Elderly people with high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia can make a pot of cassia seeds every day. Relieving blood pressure and lipids is also tonic. Compared to physically weak elderly patients, some rabbit meat, lamb, beef, and duck meat can be appropriately eaten for relief.

In terms of health, the elderly should go to bed early and get up early, drink a glass of water after getting up to prevent colds. In the autumn season, the reason why you need to lie down and get up early in your daily life is because early sleep can adjust the yang in the body, and early rise can stretch the lungs and prevent too much convergence. Getting up early in autumn can also reduce the formation of thrombus, which is of certain significance for preventing the onset of ischemic diseases such as cerebral thrombosis. Generally, it is more suitable to fall asleep from 9 to 10 pm in the fall and to get up from 5 to 6 in the morning.

In terms of mental adjustment, there is a constant movement in sports. Elderly people should exercise moderately, and the amount of exercise should not be too large. For example, walking in the morning, playing Tai Chi, and taking a walk after dinner; it is not suitable for exercising in the morning, middle, and evening. Some elderly people practice sword in the morning, walk backwards at noon, and walk at night Dancing, so that the amount of exercise is too much.

Regarding dietary regulation, we should reduce Xin and increase acidity. Autumn dry season is easy, it is easy to hurt fluid, so the diet should be nourishing yin and lungs is appropriate, eat less spicy food such as ginger, onion, pepper , eat more sour food. Among them, lily, pear, water chestnut, and chrysanthemum are very suitable foods to eat in early autumn. Pear is a typical fruit with heat-clearing and moisturizing effects. It also has cough-reducing, lung- reducing, and phlegm-reducing effects. It is good for people who often have dry cough and yellow sputum. Water chestnut is a kind of food with cool properties, which has the effect of clearing heat and moisturizing. Lily has spleen and soothe the nerves . Therefore, in the beginning of autumn season, you can eat more melon and pear juice, pear stew with scallops, pear stew with white fungus, pear clams, chrysanthemum porridge, water chestnut porridge, and fresh soup. People with weak spleen and stomach and indigestion can eat lotus seeds, yam, lentils and other foods that have spleen and stomach effect.

In terms of health, you should go to bed early and get up early. If you are restricted by conditions, try to make up for half an hour at noon. Due to the effects of meteorological allergies, young people are prone to insomnia , and some people are unable to go to bed early due to the nature of their work. Therefore, to ensure that they can sleep, try to snore for half an hour at noon to make up for sleep. People who have been suffering from insomnia for more than a week can take soothing medications, such as Anshen Pill, Tianwang Buxin Dan, etc., without improvement, they can only use Chinese medicine for conditioning.

In terms of mental adjustment, we should focus on the joyful spirit and start some cold hardening exercises. The lungs are mainly worried and sad, and sadness can easily hurt the lungs. Lung qi deficiency, the body s tolerance to bad stimuli decreases, and it is easy to develop sadness. In addition, the climate is gradually drying, withered grass and leaves, flowers and trees withering, often causing a sense of desolation and dusk in some people s hearts, resulting in mood changes such as depression and irritability. Therefore, some outdoor activities are needed to delight the mood. You can climb mountains, enjoy flowers, play basketball, take a cold bath, or ride a bicycle on weekends. Exercisers can choose according to their own health and interests. Old Chinese medicine said that mountain climbing, playing basketball, and cycling can enhance the body s breathing and blood circulation functions, and increase the contractility of the heart. The temperature change is more obvious durin g mountain climbing, which can keep the body s temperature regulation mechanism in a state of tension, thereby improving the human body s ability to adapt to environmental changes; while viewing flowers can delight the irritable mood; in addition, taking a cold water bath can improve the body s cold resistance.

In terms of diet regulation, children should also take lungs and clear heat, and in addition, eat less melon. As the old saying goes, Autumn doesn t eat melon, but autumn melon has a bad spleen. Means that in the autumn, eating melons and fruits will easily hurt the spleen and stomach and cause diarrhea. And children s gastrointestinal function is fragile and more susceptible to infection. Therefore, after entering autumn, parents seldom eat watermelon, white melon, loofah and other melon fruits and vegetables for children. You can choose seasonal fruits and vegetables such as horseshoe, mango, water chestnut, olive, lily, tangerine, pumpkin, etc., which are beneficial to replenishing qi and vitalizing the lungs. In addition, for children with poor appetite, you can choose Sydney pulp, mango porridge, olive stew, lily japonica porridge, which can not only nourish the liver and eyesight, but also look good and dry.

Regarding health care, prevent morning and evening cold, and pay attention to prevent autumn discharge and gastrointestinal diseases. After the beginning of autumn, the heat often lasts until the middle and late September before the weather really cools down. After the beginning of autumn, the daytime is still hot, but the general trend is that the weather is gradually cooler, often very hot during the day, and the night is cooler, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. So start preventing colds. Infants and toddlers can put a small blanket on their stomachs to prevent their navels from getting cold and pay attention to changing clothes. The indoor air conditioner should not be left on for a long time. Natural ventilation is recommended and the room humidity can be kept Basin of water . Although the weather is hot nowadays, rotavirus has begun to multiply, so it is necessary to prevent autumn discharge, pay attention to the hygiene of children, and disinfec t the indoor environment. In addition, to prevent gastrointestinal diseases, children should reduce their intake of cold drinks.

In terms of mental adjustment, children s performance on meteorological allergies is not obvious, but they still need to exercise regularly to improve their physical adaptability. After school age, children can do sports such as running, skipping, and swimming. Infants and young children can bask in the sun after 9am.

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