Can astragalus soak in water really lose weight?

Astragalus is a very good Chinese medicinal material. Most people use it to replenish qi, and because it is commonly used to drink astragalus in water to prevent some diseases such as colds, many people like to drink astragalus in water regularly. Boiled water, but recently there is such a saying on the Internet that it is true to use astragalus soaked water to drink to lose weight. Is this true? Today I will answer the question whether astragalus soaked water can really lose weight.

We all know that astragalus soaked in water can improve immunity, protect the liver, delay aging and sterilize anti-inflammatory, etc. The topic of whether astragalus soaked in water can lose weight has been controversial. Some people have tried it and said it is really effective. Some people experiment but it doesn t work. Why is this?

This is to start with things like astragalus, astragalus can replenish Qi. The reason why some people get fat is because the deficiency of qi causes the body s metabolism disorder. This is the so-called puffiness. If you eat astragalus, you can add righteousness and strengthen your metabolism, so you will lose weight. Drinking astragalus in water caused by other types of obesity may not work. Maybe some people see the effect, but it is not recommended to drink astragalus in water to lose weight, because everyone s physical condition is different. If you are aware of your physical condition and often drink astragalus water, you may become fatter due to excess nutrition. If you are strong and not overweight, it is best not to drink too much astragalus water.

Astragalus soaked in water can treat spontaneous sweating caused by insufficiency of qi deficiency and health, and external symptoms of qi deficiency. Those who are occasionally weak and often sweat can drink astragalus water. Because astragalus contains many different trace elements, soaking it with water can nourish the spleen and qi, strengthen the lungs and solidify the surface, and can also improve a person s immunity, lower blood pressure, protect the liver and reduce inflammation. The selenium in Astragalus has anti-cancer effect. If your body is suitable , you can occasionally drink astragalus with water.

After the introduction above, we understand the answer to the question of whether astragalus soaked in water can really lose weight. Indeed, for some people, drinking astragalus soaked in water can indeed achieve weight loss, but the effect of this effect Not because astragalus can lose weight, but because the astragalus itself can make up the Qi.

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