Can weight loss pills eat weight loss?

In the minds of many consumers, they still know very little. The variety of diet pills and health products on the market dazzles consumers. Especially beautiful women often buy diet pills for their beauty. But can diet pills be eaten?

There are two very different opinions in society about taking medicine to lose weight. Opponents said: It s 3 points of poison. Don t take medicine or try not to take it. If you take too much medicine, the body s resistance will cause trouble for later treatment. If you look at foreigners, you won t take medicine. Just take a few vitamins, drink plenty of water, and rest more, and the disease is just fine. Supporters believe: Obesity is also a disease, and if you are sick, you have to be cured. No matter what method is used, cure is the most serious. Of today s fat people, 9 out of 10 are fatty liver, high blood pressure, heart disease … Can it be cured?

Eat weight-loss pills, don t you need to exercise and diet? Many people purchase expensive weight-loss pills with this purpose as a substitute for hard exercise and hard diet. However, from a doctor s perspective, diet pills are not designed for those who want to be lazy.

In foreign countries, patients diagnosed by doctors with obesity will purchase prescribed weight-loss pills on the basis of doctor s prescriptions and carry out planned treatments according to the weight-loss programs formulated by doctors. The type of medication, the dosage, and the timing of medication are strictly controlled by the doctor, and the patient cannot decide for himself.

Generally speaking, people with a BMI of more than 24 need to consider taking weight-loss pills as an aid to exercise to lose weight, while the general overweight person only needs to pay attention to strengthening daily exercise, there is no need to take weight -loss pills. Some people don t really need weight loss pills to prevent obesity. All diet pills have side effects of one kind or another, and if they are not forced by illness , there is no need to eat it . Moreover, whether you have obesity or not, you need to go to a special weight loss clinic for a systematic check before you know. The pharmacological effects of weight-loss drugs currently on the market are different, and there are many cases of side effects. Without the guidance of a doctor, with only a simple instruction manual, I am afraid it is difficult to find the medicine that suits your condition.

16 Height 160.5, weight 49 kg, measurements of 84, 62, and 86 cm, respectively, are Asian women s health indicators? Do you want to lose weight with partial obesity? Who needs to take weight-loss drugs? What medicine is best for you? We have as many expectations and doubts about diet pills that can be bought in almost every pharmacy.

At the Symposium on Obesity and Disease Risk in the Chinese Population organized by the China Office of the International Life Science Society and other organizations, experts reached consensus on Chinese obesity standards: using body mass index (BMI) as the basis for judging obesity Standards are overweight when the BMI is greater than 24 and obese when greater than 28.

How is BMI calculated? As the most commonly used international standard for judging obesity, BMI = weight (Kg) ÷ height square (m2). In addition, there are some people who are quite standard in weight, but the fat distribution is disproportionate, such as the common pear-shaped figure. These people also belong to the category of obesity. Based on data for waist-hip ratio. At present, the universal waist-hip ratio standard for women in the world is that waist circumference (cm) ÷ hip circumference (cm) should be less than 0.85. If it is severely exceeded, it will be reduced if it is not fat, because the fat that is concentrated in the abdomen is harmful to health than it is distributed in the limbs and buttocks!

According to the Evening News, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently warned the public against taking diet pills containing PPA. Regarding the warning issued by the United States about diet pills containing PPA, Dr. Du Wenmin of the Shanghai Center for Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring told reporters that there were quite a few reports of adverse reactions to diet pills received in Shanghai, but so far they have not been related to PPA ingredients.

According to the existing statistics of the National Center for Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring, serious adverse reactions such as allergies, arrhythmia, hypertension, and insomnia are prone to occur after taking pharmaceutical preparations containing PPA, which indicates that such pharmaceutical preparations have unsafe problems . At present, our country has recalled all cold medicines and other pharmaceutical preparations containing PPA.

Experts don t think it is necessary to take diet pills to lose weight. Those who want to lose weight can consider exercising, fitness, dieting and other methods to achieve weight loss.

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