Chinese medicine teaches you to smooth your wrinkles

Wrinkles lurk in the deep layer of your skin. On a certain day and a certain month, you will have to face the skin that is no longer young and smooth before you can prepare for it. It’s not easy to get rid of wrinkles, but only if you work hard enough can you make your wrinkles appear later and less, so as to keep your youthful beauty. 10 Chinese medicine prescriptions, iron your wrinkles.

6000ml of Vitex oil, 30g of cassia and linglingxiang respectively, 37.5g of Magnolia seed, 4000g of Atractylodes macrocephala, 37.5g of asarum, 1500g of Zhuru, 1000g of bamboo leaf cutting, 22.5g of white Poria cocos, 22G and 5g of Lewu flower, 1000g of mutton pulp (soak the red vein with water).

Peach kernel (soaked in soup, peeled and grinded like mud) is not limited. Add a little honey to the rotten peach kernel, melt it with warm water, rub it on the face, and then paste it with Wang Xiao paste.

45g for Atractylodes macrocephala, Poria cocos, duheng, 37.5g for luxuriance, Ligusticum, xionglao, papaya root, and Trichosanthes, 125g for Magnolia peel, Beauveria bassiana, shushuihua, Magnolia, linglingxiang and Huoxiang, 60g for dodder, 225g for gardenia, musk (wine soaked and soft wrapped), yingshibai, 37.5g for winter melon, 1000g for peach, 90g for white wax, 2000g for mutton fat, 6000g for pig fat (soaked in water for 7 days, Japanese style) Water), 1 pig pancreas, 30 g white aconite.

Take 25 flavors and finely cut them into 4000 ml of wine. Take pig pancreas, peach kernel and wax gourd kernel and wrap them in the wine. Knead them and remove them. Wring the juice. Use the medicine for one night. In addition, fry pig fat to make it disappear, remove the dregs, and block it with goose fat, mutton fat and blood wax. Use the soft wrap inside the bell, fry 3 times over low heat, medicine yellow, remove the dregs. Wait for the clear, wait for the condensation, the white end of the eagle excrement inside, stir it evenly to smear the surface.

This formula is a relatively complete formula of facial fat, with functions of blood circulation, removing knots, moistening and wrinkling, pleasing the color and increasing the volume, eliminating filthy and fragrant body, and having wrinkling on the face with thick black.

There are many Lavender roots and vegetable oil. Wash the roots of purple grass, dry and grind them, mix 5 of them with 60 of vegetable oil, mix them at 35 ℃, and filter them after 6 hours to obtain the liquid. The liquid is used as makeup oil, once a day.

Dugu, oyster (boil), Fangfeng, gaoben, asarum, baifuzi, Baizhi, angelica, Magnolia peel, Atractylodes macrocephala, Duhuo, Yuzhu, Tianxiong, Poria cocos, jade chips 30g each, dodder, Fangji, Shanglu, gardenia, orange peel, Cayratia, ginseng 90g each, cassia, qingmuxiang, Huoxiang, Lingling incense 60g each, clove 15g each, musk 15g each, white wood fat, white goose fat 100 grams of beef pulp, 3 sheep pancreas. Soak 32 flavors with water for 5 days, change water twice a day, another 5 days, one change water every day, another 10 days, one change water every 2 days, until 20 days.

With 100 ml of wine, remove the pulse of sheep’s pancreas, finely cut it into porcelain, seal it for one night, fry it in the morning with all kinds of fat, three times up and three times, and wait for the wine, water and gas, that is to say, grind the cotton cloth to remove the residue, grind it thousands of times, and then coagulate it to make it white as snow. Apply every night, wash off the next day, and then apply new ones.

60 g of antler cream, 75 g of milk, 30 g of Cayratia japonica, 30 g of Ligusticum chuanxiong, 45 g of Asparagus (heartless, baked), 90 g of crispy, 30 g of Angelica dahurica, Rhizoma Anemarrhenae , Atractylodes macrocephala, 30 g of almond (soup soaked, peeled, Shuangren, bieyan Rugao). Mash the medicine into the almond paste, mix well, use milk and pastry, and boil it in a silver pot. Apply every night and wash with slurry water.

Qingmuxiang, baifuyu, chuanxiong, baiwax, linglingxiang, Baizhi, xingfuzi 60 grams each, Poria, ganfen 30 grams each, sheep pulp (refined) 150 grams. 10 flavors, 250 ml of each liquor, stains medicine through the night, fry three times up and down, wait for the liquor and water to be exhausted, paste it into dross, store it for use, and apply it as makeup.

Cayratia, Angelica dahurica, Yuzhu, Baihe, asarum, angelica, antler gum, papaya root, Poria glabra, Shanglu, cormorant excrement, Myzus, Trichosanthes, mulberry root white skin, orange kernel, chuanxiong, baifuzi, Donggua kernel, peach kernel and cinnabar are 30g each. Mash the medicine into powder, mix the antler glue with sand, boil it with water to make the glue disappear, use 500g white flour, make thin pancake to dry, shake and sift it, then use 200g green bean flour, mix the medicine evenly, and use hand washing noodles.

Dry wolfberry 250g, white wine 500ml. Put the medlar into a small bottle, add the liquor and seal the bottle mouth, shake it once a day, and start drinking after 7 days. Add the liquor while drinking, and drink it at any time before dinner or lying down every day. Wine is also available for those who won’t drink.

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