Chronic pharyngitis therapeutic recipe

The incidence of chronic pharyngitis in general is quite high in adults, which can be caused by weather changes or the consumption of stimulating food. Here are several kinds of chronic pharyngitis therapeutic prescriptions recommended, which can alleviate the chronic pharyngitis by combining the medicinal diet and tea made of fatty sea, houttuynia and other Chinese herbs. Let’s take part in the chronic pharyngitis therapeutic recipe together.
Chronic pharyngitis is a kind of diffuse inflammation of pharyngeal mucosa, submucosa and lymphoid tissue. It is often a part of chronic inflammation of respiratory tract. It has a long course of disease, stubborn symptoms and is difficult to cure. Patients with chronic pharyngitis often feel dry, itchy, distended and foreign body sensation in their pharynx. In the morning, they have a coughing array. The secretion is small and thick, which is not easy to cough up. They often make a “sound” or “cough” sound. Symptoms of chronic pharyngitis are often aggravated by excessive speech or weather changes, overwork, and eating stimulating food.
1. Tremella soup: 5-10 pieces of fatty sea, 60 grams of tremella, and appropriate amount of honey. Soak the tremella in cold water for 6 hours, put it in a pressure cooker, and add 3000 ml of water. Heat to steam, turn to low heat and cook for 40 minutes. Turn off the lid of the pot for 10 minutes, put it into the fat sea and cook for another 5 minutes. When drinking, mix in honey. Suitable for autumn dry throat, sore throat, hoarse voice, with constipation. Attention should be paid to the production, constipated people can put more fat sea, or less.
2. Double root sea drink: 5 fatty sea drinks, 15g isatis root drinks, 10g Shandou root drinks and 10g licorice root drinks. Put it in a thermos bottle, make it with boiling water, cover it for 20 minutes, then drink it as tea. It can also be boiled with water, poured into a thermos bottle and drunk slowly, 1 dose per day.
3. Yinqiao sea drink: 2G for Erhua, 9g for forsythia, 4 for pangdahai, and proper amount of crystal sugar. First put Erhua and Forsythia in the pot, add 300ml of water, boil to 200ml, and put it into pangdahai. Add the lid and simmer for half an hour, then put in the ice sugar to drink. This chronic pharyngitis food therapy has therapeutic effect on acute laryngitis such as dry itch or pain of throat, hoarseness of voice, etc. People with chronic aphasia can drink fat sea, roasted licorice and iced sugar to make tea.
4. Mulberry, chrysanthemum and almond tea: mulberry leaf 10g, chrysanthemum 10g, almond 10g, proper amount of crystal sugar. Mash the almond, put it in a thermos bottle together with mulberry leaves, chrysanthemum and ice sugar, add boiling water for brewing, cover it for about 15 minutes, then drink it as tea, add boiling water while drinking, 1 dose per day.
5. Houttuynia cordata and pig lung soup: 200g pig lung, 30g fresh Houttuynia cordata, 5 jujubes, proper amount of salt and monosodium glutamate. First, wash the pig lung with clear water repeatedly, squeeze dry water, cut into small pieces, rinse with clear water; wash and cut the fresh Houttuynia cordata, wash the red dates (remove the core), put the pig lung and red dates into the pot together, add proper amount of clear water, boil with high fire, beat the froth, then cook slowly for 1 hour with low fire, and then add the Houttuynia cordata for another 10 minutes, add salt and monosodium glutamate to the pot to eat, 1 dose per day 。 Note that Houttuynia Houttuynia should not be cooked for a long time after it is put into the pot, so as not to affect the efficacy of the medicine.
6. Sweet kelp: 50g kelp with water hair and 20g white sugar. Wash the kelp, cut it into shreds, put it into a pot, add some water, cook it out, put it in a small basin, mix in the white sugar, marinate it for one day, and then eat it twice a day, 25g each time. Take this diet for a long time to replenish qi and promote fluid.
7. Verbena mung bean honey drink: fresh Verbena 50g, mung bean 30g, honey 30g. Wash and drain the mung beans, wash the fresh Verbena with roots, tie the string into 2 small bundles, put them in the pot together with mung beans, add 1500ml of water and simmer for 1 hour with a small fire, until the mung beans are burnt out, remove Verbena, stir with honey while hot, and then drink the soup and beans. Take one dose every day twice for several days.
Health tips: for patients with chronic pharyngitis, it is better to eat foods with nourishing yin and promoting body fluid, such as lilies, olives, pears, etc., and eat more foods with refreshing effect, such as radish soup, etc.; it is forbidden to eat spicy and fragrant food, such as fennel, five spice powder, hotpot seasoning, mustard, chili, etc., and it is forbidden to drink strong wine and eat more raw and cold food.

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