Comprehensive reminder of Hanlu’s solar terms

As the saying goes: Bai Lu doesn t show her body, but Han reveals her feet. This proverb reminds everyone: once Bai Lu s solar terms are over, you can t go naked without clothes; once Han Lu s solar terms are over, you should keep your feet warm. Alternating seasons between autumn and winter, it is very important for your health to reasonably arrange clothing, food, shelter, and transportation in autumn to adapt to climate change as much as possible.

The clothes are alternately cool and hot in autumn, and the temperature is gradually falling. Do not expose yourself often to prevent cold air from entering the body. Bai Lu doesn t show his body but his cold feet don t show his feet . This is a good way to take care of himself. One autumn rain and one cool , we will gradually add clothes as the weather turns cold, but do not add too much, too fast. As the saying goes, Spring covers autumn freeze . Moderately cold in autumn is good for improving cold resistance of skin and nasal mucosa, and it is good for winter. It s cooler in the morning and evening in autumn to wear more clothes. In addition, in the autumn season of frequent diarrhea, special attention should be paid to keeping the abdomen warm.

Eat in the autumn, nervous excitement, sudden increase in appetite, to prevent overeating. Eat less spicy and cold foods. Eat more acidic and hot drinks and hot soft foods. Avoid moldy and unclean foods to avoid infectious intestinal infections. After the Mid- Autumn Festival, the weather is dry and easy to export, such as autumn dryness such as thirsty throat, dry lips, and dry skin. You should eat more fruits and drink boiled water mung bean soup, soy milk, milk, etc. to meet the needs of the body to improve the resistance to dryness.

Sleep early in the fall and get up early to ensure adequate sleep. Pay attention to the combination of work and rest to prevent injury to the kidney. In the early autumn daytime, when the temperature is high, the electric fan should not be blown for a long time. In the late autumn, the cold air hits people. It is necessary to prevent colds and colds, and often open the doors and windows to keep the indoor air fresh. If conditions permit, some green leaves and flowers can be planted in and around the room to make the environment full of vitality and purify the air to promote physical health.

Although limping autumn is not as bright and vibrant as spring, it is golden in autumn and has a moving scene. Proper physical exercise in the park s lakeside countryside can strengthen your physique. Autumn tour is also a good form of activity. It can both adjust the spirit and keep fit.

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