Cuttlefish is a great treat

Cuttlefish is full of treasures, which is a good food therapy, especially for women s health food. Cuttlefish is delicious and nutritious. It contains 13 grams of protein and 0.7 grams of fat per 100 grams of meat. It also contains carbohydrates and vitamins A, B vitamins, and calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin and other essential substances in the human body. Medical doctors of all ages believe that cuttlefish is sweet, salty, and flat, and has the effects of nourishing liver, kidney, nourishing blood , nourishing yin, and nourishing qi.

It is worth mentioning that cuttlefish is an ideal health food for women. It is beneficial for women to consume cuttlefish regardless of their menstrual periods, pregnancy, birth and lactation. According to records, women have the effects of nourishing blood, eyesight, menstruation, birth control, birth control, hemostasis, lactation and leakage. The ancient Chinese medicine book Suishuiju Dietary Spectrum states that it is more beneficial to women, because it has more collapsed collaterals, better fetal production, menstrual tape, and hernia treatment.

Use 250 grams of cuttlefish, wash and slice, add 30-50 grams of ginger and cut into shreds of ginger. Add oil and salt to stir-fry. It can nourish blood and pass menstruation, and treat blood deficiency and amenorrhea.

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