Diabetes friends have three steps to prevent diabetes and lose weight

Weight loss is another key factor in preventing and treating diabetes. Obese patients must lose weight, increase physical activity, consume calories under the guidance of a doctor, and must make their weight reach the standard. Before detecting these diseases, obesity has been with me for five or six years. Although I know the medical mottos of fat people with many diseases and short life span, I think that people like me who got fat in the era of supply by ticket mostly eat vegetarian food, and they dont eat big fish or meat. Fat foods like this don t matter. Looking back now, I am still fat because of excessive carbohydrate intake, reduced physical labor, and reduced basal metabolic rate in old age. So, I groped for a healthy way to lose weight.

According to According to the dietary requirements of diabetes, I calculated the total calories in a day to 1,550 kcal according to the standard of light physical labor (25 kcal per kilogram of body weight multiplied by my ideal weight of 62 kg). Then according to the percentage of food ingredients in total calories and the principle of balanced diet, adjust the diet structure and reasonably distribute three meals a day to achieve the purpose of controlling total calories in the diet and controlling diet. At the same time, I do proper aerobic exercise in the way I like, such as jogging, walking and cycling. After more than 4 months of weight loss, she lost 10 kilograms. I am very satisfied with the effect of this weight loss, so I have adhered to such dietary principles and exercise methods for 7 years.

With the deepening of the understanding of obesity in recent years, it is found that the risk of abdominal obesity is greater. Looking back at the weight loss results of the past few years, the waist circumference is still greater than 96 cm, which has not yet reached the weight loss standard. So I thought about further diet. From reading medical books and popular science books, I found that sweet potato has a good weight loss effect, pepper also has a weight loss effect and I like to eat it, and garlic has a blood lipid adjustment effect. So, from May 1999, I decided to add these three foods to the recipe without changing the total calories, mainly cooked sweet potatoes, about 200 grams a day for breakfast, and garlic at least twice a day . A total of about 25 grams, the right amount of red pepper.

After the second step, more than two years later, I suddenly thought that in the postpartum calisthenics of women, raising the legs in the supine position and sit-ups can exercise abdominal muscles and increase abdominal muscles. People are old and may have difficulty doing sit-ups, but they can raise their legs in a supine position. I do 120 to 150 times a day in a supine position to raise my leg upwards, stop a little in the middle, and rest 3 to 4 times. How many times to do it will vary from person to person, and do what you can, step by step.

The three-step weight loss method has greatly improved me from the inside to the outside: the general s belly has disappeared, and the abdominal wall has become thinner; the B-ultrasound examination, the fatty liver has disappeared. Through the success of weight loss treatment, other manifestations of the metabolic syndrome have been improved: reduced blood sugar, stable blood pressure, and improved lipid profile. These changes have reduced the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke.

In addition, the doctor guides the patient in principle, the specific operation depends on the patient himself. To have a healthy lifestyle, communication between doctors and patients is very important. In addition to diet treatment and weight loss, we must also pay attention to balanced diet, smoking cessation and alcohol restriction.

From my own experience, it has been proven that non-pharmacological treatment from the early stage of diabetes can achieve satisfactory results. Diabetes is a lifelong disease, but lifelong disease does not necessarily require lifelong medication, and life intervention must be accompanied by lifelong life .

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