Diet pills, I choose natural ingredients

What kind of exercise, diet, or even liposuction, a woman can do everything in order to lose weight. But for most crushes, there is no time to exercise, dieting is too painful, and the risk of liposuction is large, so they chose weight loss pills. However, medicines often have side effects. It doesn t matter. Chinese culture is extensive and profound, so there is Chinese medicine to lose weight. Businesses have seized this mentality of consumers and launched many slimming pills made of pure Chinese medicine ingredients. Bitter melon delipidin capsule is one of them. How effective is it? Is it really as amazing as it says? Can you lose 20 pounds a month? Let s find out by interviewing one of her users!

Reason for choosing: I believe the principle introduced. In addition, I belong to the cold body constitution, bitter gourd is a cold food. I directly take it to worry about the stomach, so I choose bitter gourd clear fat capsule.

Use effect: There is diarrhea, but it is not the kind of diarrhea of ​​weight loss tea, without accompanying unbearable feelings such as abdominal pain. I lost about 5kg, and I continue to take it. I hope to reduce it a bit .

Do you know that the batch number of the drug is fake: I did n’t know it at first, I know it now, but it works well, and there are no side effects of so-called illegal products.

From the interview with Ms. Chen, we can see that she has a certain degree of understanding of weight loss. She has also tried some weight-loss drugs, but none of them have the expected effect. The reason why I chose bitter gourd clear fat capsules is mainly because the medicine promotes them as pure Chinese medicine ingredients, but is this really the case? According to expert identification, bitter gourd clear fat capsules are not pure Chinese medicine ingredients, but contain a kind of A substance called sibutramine , sibutramine is a central nervous system inhibitor, which has the functions of excitement and anti-eating. It may cause serious side effects such as increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, anorexia, insomnia, and abnormal liver function. Therefore, Xiaobian suggested that Ms. Chen had better stop taking the medicine and keep her slim body with a healthy diet and moderate exercise. Do not have the previous effect, and continue to use the medicine!

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