Do not eat watermelon to quench thirst and drink plum soup

October 8 this year is the cold dew in the traditional Chinese 24 solar terms. Cold dew, as the name implies, refers to this season, the dew on the ground is colder than before, and the weather starts to cool, marking the transition from cool to cold in autumn. There is a saying that white body is not exposed, and cold is not exposed when feet are exposed. This is to remind everyone that once cold dew is over, we must pay attention to keep our bodies warm , especially our feet.

Experts emphasize: Guangdong is special, and the four seasons are not clear. At this time, the weather has been meant to be cool in autumn, but there are still summer heat in summer. Health must also be in line with the season. After the cold dew, you can properly warm up and eat more beef, sheep, and chicken, but also pay attention to nourishing and moisturizing. Soy milk, dendrobium, sour plum soup, white fungus, honey, and American ginseng are all good nourishing yin Ingredients. It should be kept in mind that the amount of warming in the autumn after the cold dew should be moderate, not excessive, otherwise symptoms such as irritability, anger, insomnia, constipation, blood in the stool, nosebleed, etc. will outweigh the benefits.

As soon as the cold winter dew passed, the weather became cooler. At this time, people should pay attention to adding clothes and quilts, but they should not wear too much. Because there is always excess heat from the summer in the cool autumn, moderately experiencing some cold will improve the cold resistance of the skin and nasal mucosa. At this time some appropriate warm up can be performed. You can soak in hot water for about 20 minutes every night before falling asleep. The diet focuses on warm foods to supplement the yang consumed in the body. You can also choose some foods with appropriate effects to supplement your energy according to your physical constitution.

The lungs are gold in the five elements, and the lungs correspond to the Qiu Qi. During the autumn season, dry Qi is in command. At this time, the Qi of Qi is easy to invade the human body and consume the Yin of the lungs. Therefore, people often have dry mouth in autumn. Symptoms such as dry tongue, dry skin and eyes, etc. Therefore, dryness and nourishing yin should be moistened from beginning to end throughout the fall.

After the cold cold dew, old Chinese medicine advises everyone to drink warm water to keep the body moisturized while gradually taking appropriate tonics. You can choose some foods that nourish the lungs, nourish the yin, moisturize and dryness, and continue to prevent the dryness and health in the early autumn and mid autumn. In addition, pay attention to eat spicy foods such as spicy, fried, deep-fried in the cold dew season, usually you can often bite your teeth and keep your eyes closed.

Protein-rich foods can generally supplement the yang, so you can deliberately eat beef, mutton, chicken, pork feet, fish, shrimp and other yang-enriching meat after the cold dew to store the energy needed by the body in winter. It should be noted that duck meat is not recommended to be eaten during cold dew, because duck meat is cold and does not have the effect of warming up. In the fall, warm supplements are suitable for food supplements. It is not recommended to eat medicinal supplements. This is because excessive autumn supplements are prone to internal heat and aggravate yin. People with very weak yang can add a small amount of red ginseng to nourish yang.

There are many ingredients suitable for nourishing and moistening in autumn. From a food point of view, old Chinese medicine highly recommends Tremella, because it has a particularly good lung-enhancing effect and has both beauty and beauty effects, especially suitable for women in autumn. In addition to white fungus, lotus seeds, honey, soy milk, milk, sour plum soup, raw sesame seeds, etc. can all be good for moisturizing and nourishing the lungs. In terms of medicinal materials, Ginseng, Yuzhu, Lily , and Dendrobium are all good choices for moisturizing autumn.

In addition, usually add more water, and eat a moderate amount of Sydney, banana, cantaloupe, persimmon is also very good for nourishing Qiuzao, but these kinds of fruits are not suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach. The old Chinese doctor emphasized : Although there are still watermelons on the market, you must not eat them again this time. Watermelon will hurt you if you are thirsty. If you are really thirsty, you can drink some plum soup, sour and yin, which is good for your body.

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