Do you have the potential for longevity to live to 100?

As time goes on, knowledge continues to accumulate, and people s lives are constantly extended. To live to be 100 years old may not be far away for us. What is your answer to the following question? Life is an accumulation. From now on accumulate health, you can live to over 100 years old!

It s not good to be too fat or too thin. A person who is too thin will have a shorter life than a person of normal weight. Of course, a person who is obese will have a shorter life. The state of longevity is : maintaining a reasonable BMI index.

Research A study from the University of California shows that people who sleep 5-7 hours a day live longer than those who sleep more than 8 hours or less than 4 hours a day. Too much sleep

A Harvard study shows that people who are willing to enjoy a little sweetness every month live longer than those who suppress themselves and eat no sugar at all. It is recommended to eat more black

Don t give up low-fat dairy products and fish protein. A German study showed that a reasonable semi-vegetarian (intake of fish) tends to be better than a full vegetarian (without eating any dairy products)

According to a Danish study, people who exercise reasonably (walking 30 minutes 5 times a week) can live a year and a half longer than those who do not exercise. However, if the same applies

Participating in constructive social activities, such as interest groups, picnics, sports groups, and charity activities, may extend people s life. Harvard

According to a study from the University of Chicago, married women live 4 years longer than single women. In fact, happy, supportive gender relationships can increase women s

Natural soda water is weakly alkaline water, small molecular water, and the pH value is weakly alkaline. It can enter human cells deeply, activate cells, accelerate metabolism, and effectively regulate.

Human acid-base balance, improve a variety of chronic diseases caused by acidic constitution, and strengthen human immunity. Long-term drinking is more conducive to maintaining a healthy body!

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