Does laser freckle rebound?

Does the laser freckle effect rebound? In the face of the spot, what method should we use to remove it. Laser freckle can help you solve your troubles, but does the laser freckle effect rebound? Below we ask experts to tell us whether the laser freckle effect will rebound.

Holmium laser freckle When the pigment is gradually absorbed by the body, the skin color also fades. In addition, some vascular pigmentations, such as hemangiomas, undergo cosmetic laser surgery, causing hemoglobin in blood vessels to absorb the heat generated by the laser, causing microvascular atrophy, and the skin gradually returns to normal. Will laser freckle rebound? Usually, such as freckles, moles, liver spots, Ota mother spots, elderly spots, sun spots can be treated with laser. Tattoos and eyebrows can also be removed with a laser. Generally, there is no rebound phenomenon.

Does laser freckle rebound? Of course, laser beauty cannot treat all skin spots. In the treatment of pigmented disorders such as melasma and sunburn, as well as acne, you should choose TCM beauty. Compared with laser cosmetology, although the traditional Chinese medicine beauty treatment has a longer course and more complicated treatment, it is safer, has fewer side effects, and cures the symptoms and the symptoms.

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