Does obesity cause certain complications?

Obesity is the result of fat accumulation. You eat and drink more, and exercise less. According to the saying, you get in more and get out less. But human obesity is orderly. Coach Zhang picked up the pen and drew on the paper and said, When we feel that our body is getting fat, we usually start with the increase in fat accumulation around the abdomen, then the limbs. The last is the face; when losing weight, the order of fat consumption is reversed, starting from the face, then to the limbs, and finally the abdomen.

This is why many people think that the belly is really difficult to reduce. You think that losing weight is already difficult enough, and the last level of weight loss is to reduce belly–it is naturally more difficult. Therefore, if you really want to reduce your belly, you have to be a little stupid. You dont have more than three months (sometimes even six months) of continuous systematic exercise and scientific and reasonable diet control. Remove. But don t worry, weight loss is a process. As long as you persist, you will be successful. Here is how to lose weight——

Eat orange fruits and vegetables. In addition to containing cellulose, which can prolong the feeling of fullness, their rich vitamin C and β-carotene can prevent abdominal fat accumulation. Carrots, pumpkins, and peaches all provide large amounts of beta-carotene, while citrus, cherry, and kiwi are all leaders in vitamin C.

Gadolin gets more selenium. Selenium not only fights cancer but also reduces the incidence of abdominal obesity. Many foods contain selenium, but it is difficult to know whether the recommended amount of 55 micrograms / day is reached. Therefore, you should develop the habit of taking supplements or eating various foods.

I eat more fish and eggs. The results of a survey by the University of Copenhagen Hospital in Denmark show that eating more high-quality protein such as fish and eggs can make you feel full and increase energy, and help you lose weight, especially for people over 40 years old who can also reduce belly fat.

Eat the right fat. Studies in Spain have shown that eating more olive oil, fish, linseed oil, walnut oil and tofu makes it easier to stay slim. The omega-6 fatty acids contained in corn oil and grilled foods can cause abdominal fat accumulation . Trans fatty acids will also increase.

In addition, be careful not to eat things that are too cold, because after eating cold things, the temperature of the lower abdomen will decrease, and the brain will order the body to send a lot of nutrients to the lower abdomen to increase the temperature of the lower abdomen. Over time, fat will accumulate On the abdomen.

Exercise on the bed before going to bed can help you to lose weight while going to bed. Gently moving your body before going to bed can strengthen the sympathetic nerves and inhibit the absorption of fat during sleep.

Bend the knee at 90 degrees, and clamp the pillow between the knees to tighten the abdomen and have the effect of lifting the hips. Slowly return to the original position and lift it again for 20 times.

In addition to the dietary methods mentioned above, it is also important to pay attention to developing good habits in daily life. For example, do not sit down for half an hour after a meal, and massage your lower abdomen before going to bed. For female friends who need to sit down and work, you can often stand up and walk around, don t sit there all the time.

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