Eat more chicken and duck liver in Lichun to effectively protect the liver

After the beginning of spring, people s activity began to increase, while blood circulation accelerated and nutritional consumption increased. At this time, nourishing the liver can increase resistance. Experts point out that spring is the right season to nourish the liver. To raise the liver, eat more chicken liver and duck blood.

In addition to avoiding overwork, diet is very important. Experts remind the public, Take the dirty liver and chicken first. Chicken liver belongs to Ganwen food, which can nourish blood, nourish the liver, and warm the stomach. Take three fresh chicken livers and 100 grams of rice, and take them after cooking the porridge. This method of tonic is especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly people with insufficient liver and blood, as well as people with loss of appetite or dry eyes and tears. In addition, people who feel numb limbs can take 5 chicken livers and 20 grams of Gastrodia elata, at the same time steamed, taken once a day, persist for half a month, and the effect is good.

In addition, eating duck blood can nourish the liver, which is also a method of liver nourishment commonly used in Chinese medicine. Take 100 grams of duck blood, 100 grams of catfish, 100 grams of rice, and cook with porridge to eat, can nourish liver blood, but also treat anemia.

In addition, many people tend to feel sleepy in the spring. Experts point out that after feeling tired, they must find the cause and identify the symptoms. To reduce the occurrence of fatigue, first of all, to maintain a comfortable mood, secondly to go to bed early and get up early, especially in the morning do not snooze, if you feel tired you can do aerobics.

Eat less yang-positive foods, such as fried and spicy foods; eat more moisturizing and tonic foods, such as duck meat, coriander, coriander, lily, yam, pumpkin, walnut, etc.; Also use mulberry leaves, mint, Chrysanthemums soaked in water have the effect of clearing heat and setting fire.

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