Eat spring rolls in early spring, remember to put some spinach

It is a traditional folk custom in China to eat spring rolls in the early spring, just like eating dumplings in the Dragon Boat Festival and eating dumplings in the thirties. It has continued for thousands of years.

Hunchun rolls are also called spring cakes. In addition to the meaning of welcoming the New Year, spring rolls usually contain a lot of fresh vegetables in spring, so they have a very high nutritional value.

Hunchun rolls are divided into two parts: biscuits and vegetables. The pie must be freshly made hot noodles, round, thin and smooth. The rolled cake must be lightly coated with oil, so as to prevent the cake from sticking to the cake, and at the same time it tastes smoother, with the crunchy vegetables rolled inside, a soft One hard, first-class taste.

After talking about the cake, let s take a look at the vegetables in the spring rolls. In the beginning of spring, eating spring rolls includes the meaning of welcoming the New Year, which is expressed by the variety of fresh spring vegetables rolled in it. Freshly picked and washed bean sprouts, spinach, leeks and other stir-fry, then add the hot scrambled eggs and soy sauce on the paper-like cake, use a chopsticks to roll directly into the mouth and bite hard! My mouth is full of the smell of spring, and my heart suddenly feels sunny.

Of course, the vegetables in spring rolls are generally chosen according to your preference. Most families will choose simple bean sprouts, leeks, etc., but here we strongly recommend to you a vegetable that is very suitable for spring rolls. That s spinach .

Spinach is rich in vitamin C, carotene, protein, and iron, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals. It can nourish blood and nourish yin, and has a good therapeutic effect on high blood pressure, headache, dizziness, diabetes and anemia that are often caused by insufficient liver yin in spring. Therefore, it is an excellent health vegetable in spring.

Eating more spinach in the spring can pass bowel movements and prevent hemorrhoids, because spinach contains a large amount of plant crude fiber, which can promote the function of intestinal peristalsis and facilitate defecation. Second, eating spinach often can promote growth and development, and enhance disease resistance. The carotene contained in spinach is transformed into vitamin A in the human body, which can maintain normal vision and the health of epithelial cells, increase the ability to prevent infectious diseases, and promote children s growth and development; of course , the most familiar characteristic of spinach is its Iron deficiency anemia has a good adjuvant treatment effect; in addition, spinach also has the effect of delaying aging and beauty. It can be seen that eating more spinach in spring will have great benefits for our health care, so we may wish to eat a delicious spring roll and add this nutritious vegetable to have a healthy spring.

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