Elderly travel to do disease prevention

After retiring, many elderly people will have a leisurely life, and will call friends and groups, go out for group trips, and enjoy the beauty of nature. Not only will they relax, but they will also breathe fresh air and help their health. However, factors such as dissatisfaction with soil and water, bumpy distances, and changing weather during the journey can become sudden triggers for the elderly.

Travel must be pleasant, but at the same time pay attention to disease prevention, be sure to bring regular medicines, especially the first aid medications must not be forgotten, it is best to have a physical examination before traveling, to understand your physical condition, so as not to rush into the journey Unexpected illness.

Do not move the patient randomly at this time. First, observe whether the patient s heartbeat and breathing are abnormal. If you find that your heartbeat and breathing are normal, tap the patient and call loudly to wake them up. If there is no response, it indicates that the situation is more complicated and should be sent to the hospital for emergency treatment immediately.

Running tired, often induces or exacerbates the acute attack of cardiogenic asthma. Clinical manifestations include cough, wheezing, and dyspnea. The patient should first take a semi-recumbent position, and use a cloth tape to tie three limbs of the patient s limbs in turns, once every 5 minutes, which can reduce the burden on the heart.

If angina pectoris occurs, you should first sit up, do not move it, and give it quickly under the tongue while taking medicines such as Shexiang Baoxin Pill or Su Bingdi Pill to relieve the condition.

Due to unclean food or drinking water during the journey, it can easily cause various acute intestinal diseases. If symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and severe abdominal pain occur, companions should immediately send the patient to a nearby hospital for treatment, and disinfect the the vomiting and diarrhea according to epidemic prevention requirements to prevent spread.

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