Emphasis on nutrition and food must be supplemented in winter

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, winter has come to a good time of “tonic”. When it comes to tonic, many people just narrowly understand that the so-called “tonic” is to eat some food with high nutritional value and use some tonic for invigorating the sun. In fact, this is only one aspect of tonic, and tonic is a branch of health science. The so-called maintenance means maintenance, recuperation, cultivation, recuperation and protection; the so-called life means life, survival and growth. Specifically, it is to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body and longevity through the comprehensive maintenance of the spirit, diet, physical training, prudence in sexual affairs, moderate temperature and cold. In the process of application, we should pay attention to two points:

1. Appropriate Cultivation

The so-called moderation is to be just right. Not too much, not too much. If you are too careful, it will lead to the loss of recuperation, at a loss. If you work a little, you will be afraid of losing your breath and hurting your mind. If you work a little, you will stay indoors. If you eat a little, you will be afraid of being fat and fat. If you eat a little, you will go on a diet and eat less. In this state, you will be restrained because you have too much food. It will not only damage your health, but also prevent you from “finishing the whole life”.

2. Don’t overnourish

The comprehensive nourishment should be moderate. Some people regard “tonic” as nourishment, so the diet emphasizes nutrition, and the food must be supplemented; the daily life emphasizes comfort, and the rest is the only; in addition, it also takes tonic drugs as auxiliary. Although food tonic, medicine tonic and rest are all in the scope of health preservation, too much of it will affect health. Just as some people will have excessive nutrition if they take too much food supplement, dynamic and static disorders will appear if they take too much rest and just don’t work hard. If they take too much medicine supplement, yin and Yang will be over and over, which will cause the metabolism of the body to be out of balance.

Therefore, we should adopt the methods of combination of movement and stillness, combination of work and rest, combination of tonic and diarrhea, and support of form and spirit.

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