Facial Liposuction

Facial liposuction can have a delicate face without moving the knife, and it is not as fleeting as a micro plastic injection of beauty. It is undeniable that moving the knife can completely meet people s pursuit of perfection. This thin face method makes many people seek beauty. I love it so much …

In particular, the requirement for perfect facial contours is a dream that many people have always dreamed of. In the past, it was one of covering up the three ugliness, but now it has evolved into a severe state of covering up one hundred ugliness. At the same time, it is astounding. With the trend of Korean plastic surgery, osteotomy has changed from impossible tasks to one of the necessary surgical techniques for plastic surgery. From this, we can see that this beautiful nature really makes people have the magic magic of adrenaline rising rapidly …

Returning to the sculptural topic of facial contours, the danger of hidden facial knives is not low, and it also has a professional test. However, these questions are now being answered after the birth of the exquisite surgical technique of facial liposuction., Facial nerve tissue.

As mentioned above, the precise vascular tissues and intricate nervous system have indeed discouraged many practitioners who have been working for many years, but in contrast, I still think that it is the least dangerous to improve the contour of the face, and the effect is People admire the subtle surgery.

Facial liposuction surgery can not only clearly improve the curve of the face. If it can be used skillfully, it even has a magical power that makes people look younger. Fat is one of the main protagonists of life. Too much fat but too little destroys the beauty. For example, with age, the face becomes easy to accumulate fat, some fat soft tissues even sag with gravity, and the younger pride face turns into a distressed sag face, so the curve of the face contour is therefore Destroyed by the whole, but also more old-fashioned.

In addition, some people because of the uneven distribution of facial fat, so that they look full of flesh, they always lose the best time to look at the first time, and the most common situation is that the next year is young There are infants who are overweight. Even if the facial features are beautiful, they cannot highlight the military attache s advantage, which shows that the control of facial fat ratio is of incomparable importance.

But dont worry too much, just remove the excess fat and perform delicate methods like face sculpting at the same time. In short, as long as it is due to the problem of fat, it can be improved with the increasingly sophisticated facial liposuction surgery. Even get rid of these inborn troubles.

Facial liposuction can currently be used to thin the lower half of the face, thereby improving baby fat and the face of the Chinese character. The effect remains more clear and longer-lasting than that of botox. In addition, if liposuction is performed on the neck at the same time, not only can it Improving the double chin even has the double advantage of beautifying the contour of the chin. At the same time, the skillful extraction of fat from the cheekbones can also reduce the width of the cheekbones as long as it is properly grasped.

It is worth mentioning that facial liposuction surgery also has a multiplier effect on getting rid of the wrinkles. So far, many people have used uric acid to improve the aging wrinkles. However, in the process of facial liposuction, As long as it is handled properly, getting rid of the decree can become one of the added values ​​of surgery.

Liposuction is used to improve the double chin. When talking about facial liposuction, the method is generally to hide the incision behind the ear, about 0.2 cm incision. Only the fat in the superficial fat area is modified under local anesthesia, so as long as It is a professional and experienced doctor s operation, and it will not hurt other tissues. In addition, the recovery period is short, as long as the postoperative maintenance is really done, such as bandaging with elastic bandage to reduce swelling and shorten the recovery period., The duration of the effect can absolutely satisfy everyone.

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