Facial Liposuction

Many people are still asking about facial liposuction? If you want to lose face, then you can use facial liposuction technology. Everyone knows that the principle of facial liposuction is to remove the fat from our face to achieve the effect of thin face.

Before facial liposuction and thin face, use gentian purple to mark the area of ​​local fat accumulation, and repeatedly palpate with your fingers to understand the thickness of local adipose tissue. Use gentian purple to mark the thicker areas. Facial liposuction and thin face anesthesia with local infiltration anesthesia, generally 0.1% to 0.5% lidocaine saline solution, through the incision, evenly injected into the liposuction area subcutaneously, facial liposuction and thin face until the skin feels swollen.

Facial liposuction thin face is taken below the earlobe, and the red and white lip lines at the corners of the mouth, and the middle of the crotch are the puncture needle points. Generally, a 2mm incision is cut. The facial liposuction thin face needle is a long needle with a diameter of 2mm and a round hole. Connect a liposuction needle with a sex syringe, enter the subcutaneous fat layer through the incision, push it with the needle to the far end, thin the face with liposuction and clear a few subcutaneous tunnels when negative pressure is not formed, and then pull the needle plug to form negative pressure. Reciprocating pull-saw type radial walking suction, both pressure suction in the area with a lot of fat accumulation, facial liposuction and thin face, pay attention to the uniformity of suction until satisfactory.

Hematoma, seroma. May be related to the suction level is too deep, the action is too rude, and the postoperative bandaging and compression is improper. The hematoma can be withdrawn from the original incision and then re-compressed and bandaged. Cold compression can also be applied after surgery to prevent hematoma and seroma. infection. Facial aspiration is generally not prone to infection, but you should also pay attention to aseptic and non-invasive operation to avoid leaving dead space. If infection occurs, change the medicine in time , and rinse with antibiotic solution if necessary. Systemic antibiotics. It is also important to choose a regular hospital.

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