Facial plastic surgery caution danger triangle

Although plastic surgery is fast and efficient, the dangerous triangle is rich in blood vessels and there are no venous valves in the veins. If you don t pay attention when you are infected, it may cause bacteria to enter the blood and then enter the brain, which will cause sinusitis and can be life-threatening.

Without this door god to prevent blood reflux, once complications occur, symptoms such as eyelid edema, laryngeal congestion, anterior protrusion of the eye, restricted abduction, ptosis of the upper eyelid, and even visual impairment are common. Inflammation can also spread to the eyes and surrounding tissues, chills, fever, and headaches can occur throughout the body. Severe conditions can even cause sepsis and toxemia, which are life-threatening.

Many beauty seekers always want to see the best results in the shortest time when performing plastic surgery. For example, they want to get it all at once when injecting hyaluronic acid and autologous fat, but this is not true.

Plastic surgery experts say that if one injection is too much, the person seeking beauty will have a strong discomfort or have more serious consequences, so the person seeking beauty should follow the principle of a small number of times.

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