Factors for success or failure

Losing weight is no less difficult than quitting. It is an extremely difficult comprehensive project that requires painstaking operation. Require dieters to have confidence, patience, and perseverance in their implementation. Otherwise, you may fail.

The process of weight loss requires good psychological quality. It is difficult for a weight-loss person with very fragile psychological qualities to stand invincible. Therefore, the long way to lose weight is actually a test of a person s psychological quality. Only a person who is fully mentally prepared and can withstand “tribulations” can hope to lose weight successfully.

If many extensible and shrinkable weight-loss factors are compared to software for weight-loss engineering, then genetics is the most non-negotiable hardware. If parents were known to be obese when they were young, they would leave at least 50% of their obese genes to their children. Therefore, it is difficult to change the fat body that has been “casted” in the future.

The degree of being overweight is also directly proportional to the success rate of weight loss. Once it is greater than or equal to 127 kg, it becomes refractory obesity, and it is quite difficult to lose weight.

The more I become fat from childhood, the more difficult it is to reduce it later. Experts have surveyed obese infants and young children. 80% of them are the materials for getting fat in the future, and it is not easy for them to lose weight because of fat age. Conversely, it is much easier to lose weight if you gain weight after middle age.

Obesity has obvious gender “discrimination”. Women s living habits, mood swings, social environment and social status determine that they are more difficult to lose weight than men.

In contrast, those who have a happy marriage and have a male and female after marriage have a higher success rate in losing weight. Conversely, it is more difficult for those who are unmarried, frustrated with marriage, or have no children after marriage to lose weight.

Eating the first 3 months of diet is the key period for weight loss. If you control your diet properly during this time, you can lose more than 0.5 kilograms a week, and you have a bright future.

Scientific and rigorous method of weight loss is an important part of the success or failure of weight loss. Multiple weight loss measures are usually much better than one weight loss method. Of course, comprehensive measures must also pay attention to the scientific nature of the programming .

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