Fast stovepipe! These nutrients cannot be ignored

Without vitamin A, the sebaceous glands and sweat glands become weaker, the stratum corneum gradually thickens, and the skin begins to become dry. Think about it, is such a leg beautiful?

Vitamin E can break down the accumulation of fat and cholesterol. It also prevents vascularization, resulting in malabsorption of fats, while preventing the loss of vitamin A. Most importantly, it promotes blood circulation, allows fresh blood to reach the legs farthest from the heart , and gives cells new oxygen and nutrients. If the veins stagnate, and the tissue fluid also stagnates, the legs tend to become thick and strong.

The point of slender legs is not to eat too much salt. In order to maintain a certain concentration of salt in the body, when the salt intake is too much, the body will want to drink more water, causing the water to accumulate in the body. If the kidney function is reduced, the lower body will be swollen and edema-type puffiness will be formed. Potassium can help salt metabolize out of the body and improve edema symptoms.

The human body has about 1 kg of calcium. If you want to have straight legs, you must have calcium in your bones. Inadequate calcium intake can cause O-shaped and X-shaped legs, affecting leg lines and visual aesthetics.

Everyone knows that cellulose can promote gastrointestinal motility, help digestion and cure constipation. However, I don t know that constipation will affect the blood circulation in the abdomen, hinder the flow of lymph fluid, make wastes unable to be smoothly eliminated, and cause plumpness and swelling below the waist. In addition, intestinal bacteria that use cellulose as a breeding ground can promote the growth of vitamins B2 and B6 and directly and in directly help the decomposition of fats.

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