Fatal and easy to cause worry

A new study from The Ohio State University has pointed out that low blood sugar levels caused by hunger can make people irritable, irritating family conflicts, and even domestic violence.

People who lose weight know how hungerful you are when you are on a diet. This is a side effect of insufficient energy-the brain loses its ability to control itself, and people become sensitive, irritable, and irritable. And such side effects can even hurt marriage.

Scientist Brad Bushman, a scientist from The Ohio State University, smelled the problem and led a team to investigate among 107 couples from various countries.

The research period for the first phase is 21 days. Everyone received a voodoo doll (as a stand-in for their spouse) and 51 needles. For three weeks, they need to measure their blood glucose levels before breakfast and before bed. There is also a special task before bedtime-using a needle to pinch your spouse to express your anger towards your partner.

Twenty-three weeks have passed, and the statistical results show that the person with the lowest blood sugar average has the most fierce needle. They got three times as many people with higher blood sugar levels. And even those partners who are harbinger and naruto can t resist the effects of hypoglycemia (hunger).

After a full meal, the serotonin hormones in the mood increase with the feeling of satiety and blood sugar. Serotonin makes people happier, easier to embrace the world, and feel the beauty of life. Experts believe that this conclusion may help them find out why hunger is causing people to lose control.

Next In the next study, experts asked participants to play a competitive game with their spouses. Winners can give his losers a boo, such as the sound of a dentist s drill, the sound of a siren, and the sound of nails crossing a blackboard.

The winner can also control the volume at will (researchers control it to the extent that it does not harm the eardrum). The results showed that those with lower blood glucose averages during the first phase of the test tended to make sharp, long, loud sounds that made their spouses more uncomfortable.

Experts also suspect that hunger may be part of the cause of domestic violence. However, his research did not test this hypothesis. But Bushman believes that the survey has clearly shown that hypoglycemia and the lack of self-control should be considered as part of the cause of marriage conflict.

In other words, dieters should note that their diet affects mood and relationships-including relationships with spouses. Experts suggest that if there is something important to tell your partner, it is best to put it at dinner, and even better after dinner.

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