Han Lu arrives, beware of depression and eat less spicy

From the cold dew season, there is less rain, the weather is dry, and the days are hot and the nights are cold. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the biggest feature of this solar term is dry evil command, and dry evil is most likely to hurt the lungs and stomach. During this period, people s sweat evaporates quickly, so dry skin, increased wrinkles, dry mouth and throat, dry cough and less sputum, and even hair loss and constipation, so the focus of health is to nourish yin, prevent dryness, and moisturize the lungs. Yiwei.

Spiritual recuperation cannot be ignored. The weather is getting colder, the sun is decreasing, the wind is rising and the leaves are falling, people will inevitably cause a sense of desolation, and there will be emotional instability and a melancholy mood that is easy to be sad. Therefore, maintaining a good mentality and fostering an optimistic and open mind are indispensable contents of health care.

In the diet, you should also eat spicy spicy, dry, smoked and roasted foods. You should eat more sesame, walnut, white fungus, radish, tomato, lotus root, milk, lily, and ginseng. Role of food. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain a certain humidity in the room, pay attention to replenishing moisture, and eat more fruits such as Sydney, banana, cantaloupe, apple, persimmon, and grape.

Life Tips: The climate is getting colder, and people are sleeping longer. While people are sleeping, blood flow is slowed down and blood clots are prone to form, so the number of patients with cerebral thrombosis will increase after cold dew. In the medicine of the motherland, it is clearly stated that: in the autumn, you should lie down early to comply with the collection of yin essence; get up early to comply with the yang of Shuda, to comply with the solar terms, and ensure health.

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