Hanlu diet health

After the cold dew, as the temperature keeps falling, cold is the most susceptible disease. When the temperature drops and the air is dry, the pathogenicity of the cold virus increases. At this time, the occurrence of many diseases will endanger the lives of the elderly, the most important of which should be guarded against is cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. In addition, stroke, recurrence of chronic bronchitis in the elderly, recurrence of asthma, pneumonia and other diseases also seriously threaten the life safety of the elderly. According to to statistics, more than 90% of old chronic patients will cause acute attacks after a cold, so comprehensive measures must be taken to actively prevent colds. It is also necessary to scientifically adjust the diet, pay attention to drug prevention, improve the living environment , avoid smoke and dust pollution, and maintain indoor air circulation and freshness. In this troubled winter cold dew solar, the elderly rationally arrange daily living and living, which has an important effect on the health of the body. To maintain a good mentality, take advantage of the situation, vent the feelings of depression, and cultivate an optimistic and open-mindedness is also one of the indispensable elements of health.

Diet and health should be based on a balanced diet and five flavors, and according to the specific circumstances of the individual, eat more sweet and lightly moisturized foods, which can not only replenish the spleen and stomach, but also nourish the lungs and intestines, and prevent dry throat and mouth dryness. Fruits include pears, persimmons, coriander, bananas, etc.; vegetables include carrots, winter melon, coriander, white fungus, etc. and beans, fungi, kelp, laver, etc. You should eat warm food for breakfast, it is best to drink hot porridge, because japonica and glutinous rice have excellent spleen and stomach, and tonifying qi, such as sugar cane porridge, jade bamboo porridge, ginseng porridge, raw ground porridge, yellow congee and so on. Middle-aged and elderly people and chronic patients should eat more red dates, lotus seeds, yam, duck, fish, meat and other foods.

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