Harm of obesity to mental health

Compared with normal people, most obese people are less flexible, awkward in movement, more prone to sweating and fatigue during exercise, and more prone to drowsiness when they are quiet, so they are susceptible to rejection and ridicule by classmates or colleagues.

In order to protect their self-esteem, they rarely participate in various activities, gradually become lonely, alienate others, and their emotions inexplicably change over time to form psychological and behavioral barriers to inferiority, withdrawal, and dependence. This kind of bad influence on a person s psychological character often potentially affects their normal physical and mental development, as well as academic or career success.

Because obese people lack physical exercise, their levels of autoimmunity are low and they are susceptible to diseases. The beauty-loving heart is shared by everyone. Some obese people blindly pursue physical beauty, regardless of physical characteristics, and go on a diet, resulting in anorexia nervosa. The number of young women suffering from the disease has increased significantly in recent years.

Into the middle-aged and the elderly, obese people do not care too much about physical beauty, but they are worried because obesity may cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cause psychological burden. This shows that obesity can cause a lot of harm to people s psychology, and we must pay attention to this. Do not ignore psychological problems while pursuing physical beauty.

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