Health care and dressing in spring

As the saying goes, The measure of the year lies in spring. Spring is a very important season. For people, spring is a season for stretching feelings and inspiring emotions. For the human body, after a winter hiding, Accumulated a winter of energy, in the spring you need to release hair.

Spring itself is the season of rising hair, and the Yang Qi should rise from the Tibetan state of winter as soon as possible, and enter a new round of growth, growth, collection, and possession. Winter is the season of hidden energy, so now the spring solar term has begun, and the rise of energy has also begun.

It can be said that after the beginning of spring, in addition to maintaining the body, there is also the prevention of recurrence of the disease. What kind of health should be done after the specific spring? Regarding the human body, health is nothing more than several aspects, eating, wearing, and living, and of course, health care.

After eating and living, I naturally wore wearing below. Spring cover autumn freeze is a proverb that everyone has heard. What is the health there? From the beginning of spring to the beginning of spring, the weather is warm and cold, and the qi and blood of the human body have just begun to go out from the inside. The outside yang is still weak. If you do not pay attention to warmth at this time, cold evil will easily invade the body. A cold disease will follow .

However, you know Spring Covered Autumn Frozen, do you know where to focus? In fact, from the perspective of human physiology, the lower limbs are at the telecentric end, and the blood circulation is naturally much worse than that of the upper limbs and torso. They are more susceptible to wind and cold invasion, and the cold is born from below. Slower. In the spring, reducing clothes does not reduce trousers. Of course, clothes must be gradually reduced. Prematurely reducing clothes is harmful to the body without benefit.

It is windy in spring, and it will inevitably cause various discomforts caused by wind evils invading the body, such as headaches, dizziness, children s susceptibility to colds, fever, rhinitis, and even facial paralysis … Here are some methods to assist conditioning, of course, if you have When you enter the disease stage, you still have to see a doctor quickly. After all, most people are still laymen for medical treatment.

In the spring, when the liver is too vigorous and encounters wind evil, it is prone to dizziness and headache. What should I do? In addition to diet and life attention, you can also use the corresponding points to deal with. The head- dimensional acupoint can be used when dizzy. Where is the head-dimensional acupoint? As the name suggests, at the hairline of the forehead of the head. Press the middle finger of both hands back and forth to rub, close your eyes, cooperate with breathing, rub for a few minutes, and then rub the head of the valley and the temple for a few minutes. Pressing and kneading daily is an acupuncture point for dizziness, dizziness, and bloating.

Miankou Hegu Shu, if you have a headache, you can use Hegu acupoint and Likuai acupoint to deal with it. Press the thumb to rub Likai and the middle finger to knead the acupoint. Press the two acupuncture points together and add some strength .

Many children arrive at the Spring Festival, because they are improperly dressed and are prone to cold and fever. If it is low, parents can handle it by themselves. What should I do? You can cut a piece of ginger in half, then rub the child s back, then rub the palms and feet. See if you can bring the child down. Or use chrysanthemum to boil water to rub the child s body. Do not let the child get cold again, whether it is rubbing or washing.

In addition, many children in the spring are prone to spleen and stomach discomfort, poor appetite, and even accumulation of food. At this time, the child can often do chiropractic. The child s hip has a Gumi acupoint. Starting from the acupoint , pinch the skin and gradually push it. Go up to Dazhui. Do not use too heavy techniques and rub gently. If the child does not cooperate, you can rub down from the Dazhui acupoint. You don t need to pinch the skin at this time.

Rhinitis is a disease that often occurs in the spring. In addition to keeping warm, when a rhinitis attacks, you can use moxibustion and moxibustion of Dazhui, Fengchi, Likui, Feishu, Pishu, and Shenshu. Head was about to cry. Nasal dryness can be combined with Shangxing and Hegu, plus hands often massage the lumbosacral bladder, making the dry nasal cavity comfortable. You can often massage Yingxiang Point, Shangying Xiang Point and Jingming Point.

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