Health care and health after the beginning of autumn

After the beginning of autumn, many areas are still hot, and the remaining heat in summer is not gone, so it is known as the autumn tiger. This hot weather often lasts until mid-to-late September before the weather really cools down.

After the fall, the daytime is still hot, but the general trend is that the weather is gradually cooler, and it is often hot during the day, while the night is cooler, and the temperature difference between morning and evening becomes larger. All things in nature are the gradual collection of yang, the yin gradually grows, and the turning point of yin and yang gradually changes from yang to yin, and the yin and yang metabolism of the human body naturally enters the transition period of yang and yin.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the lungs correspond to autumn, while autumn is dry and qi dryness hurts the lung. Lung qi deficiency reduces the body s tolerance to adverse stimuli and is prone to disease because of the need to moisturize, nourish yin, and nourish the lungs.

It is estimated from the five elements that the liver, heart, and spleen and stomach are in a weakened state at this time, and the lung function is beginning to be in a vigorous period after the beginning of autumn., Affects body health.

After the beginning of autumn, eat more sour foods and less spicy foods to promote liver qi, and eat foods that calm the liver and lungs, such as lily, coriander, potato, radish, fungus, yam, lentils, wolfberry, white fungus, pork, duck, Chicken, rabbit, peanut, yellow croaker, catfish, yellow croaker, grapefruit, pear, apple, etc.

Autumn is the season when the human body is suitable for tonic. However, it is necessary to use to prevent dryness and not greasy, such as pumpkin, lotus seeds, longan, black sesame, red dates, walnuts, etc.

Malaria is a common infectious disease in children during the summer and autumn, also known as cold and fever. It is an infectious disease transmitted by malaria parasites through mosquito bites. The symptoms are chills and high fever. The best way to prevent malaria is to kill mosquitoes and bites.

Scientists have discovered that an amino acid called arginine can help protect children from malaria. The lack of arginine is closely related to the lack of nitrogen oxide in the human body, and nitrogen oxide can help the body resist the attack of malaria parasites.

Making: Wash and chop the pork spine, simmer it in a boiling water pot, and remove. Remove the slugs and cuticles, wash and slice them, put the pork spine in the pot and add an appropriate amount of water. Boil over high heat , skim off the floating foam, add refined salt, rice wine, spring onion segments, ginger slices, and simmer over low heat until the meat is free of bones, remove the bones, remove the meat, and scoop out the spinal cord. Put the spinal cord and ravioli in the soup and simmer. Pick the onions and ginger and add MSG.

After the beginning of autumn, the diet should be increased in acid to increase the function of the liver and resist the invasion of excessive lung air. The following food options are available: apples, grapes, carambola, grapefruit, lemon, hawthorn.

In terms of diet and nutrition, autumn must first follow the autumn and winter nourishing yin principle proposed in the Yellow Emperor s Internal Classic , that is, eat more nourishing and moistening foods to prevent dryness and yin. The following diets are available: Tremella, pear, sesame, coriander, spinach, soy milk, duck eggs, honey.

The average person arrives in autumn, because of the pleasant weather and abundant food, they often eat too much. Excessive calorie intake will turn into fat accumulation and make people fat. In the autumn diet, pay attention to the right amount, not indulge appetite , eat and drink.

Should eat less irritating, spicy and hot foods in autumn, such as hot peppers. In addition, it is also necessary to avoid the accumulation of various hot and humid gases. Any food with a spicy smell has a function of emitting, so it is recommended to eat some spicy food such as celery.

As the weather changes from heat to cold in autumn, the human body s physiological metabolism also changes in order to adapt to this change. Take special care not to get too cold in your diet, so as not to cause gastrointestinal indigestion and various digestive disorders.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that bitter products are easy to hurt. The dryness of the autumn season is on command, the lungs are delicate, and it is easy to feel the dryness of the autumn season. Many chronic respiratory diseases often recur or gradually worsen from the fall. Therefore, the autumn diet should not be too dry foods, such as some fried foods.

In addition, in order to welcome the coming of winter, the body also stores cold fat. Therefore, the calorie intake is greater than the emission. If you are not careful, you will gain weight. Therefore, obese people should pay more attention to weight loss in autumn. They should eat more low-calorie diet foods, such as red beans, radishes, bamboo shoots, barley, kelp, mushrooms, etc. In addition, for ordinary people, they need to increase acidity in their diet after the beginning of autumn to increase the function of the liver. They should eat more acidic and juicy fruits such as apples, grapes, hawthorn, grapefruit, etc., for hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, etc. Diseases have curative effects.

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