Health care in the first spring season

Li Chun kicked off the prelude to spring, indicating the beginning of the recovery of all things. At this moment, the little grass in the soil is waiting for the spring breeze blows and regenerates; and the spring and the earth know the plants and trees vividly reflect the natural characteristics of the beginning of spring. The Nei Jing so-called spring birth, summer growth, autumn harvest, winter Tibetan , health care in spring should pay attention to the word sheng , to adapt to the rise of yang, take care of yang. The beginning of spring means the end of winter Tibetan, all things sprout, so the year of health is also in spring.

In the spring, the first step is to prevent and recuperate. The beginning of spring is the first season of spring and the year. The weather changes from cold to warm, and it is still cold at first, and warm and poisonous evils begin to move, and various pathogenic bacteria and viruses grow and reproduce. Many diseases such as influenza, measles, pneumonia and so on that occur in modern medicine have occurred and spread.

Therefore, it is necessary to adapt to the climate to keep warm and cold, not to restrain the yang. Middle-aged and elderly people with high blood pressure and heart disease should add and remove clothes in a timely manner according to weather changes, pay attention to protecting against wind and cold, nourishing the sun and converging the yin, and in particular, keep the feet and back warm to prevent strokes and myocardial infarction. Open windows often to keep indoor air flowing and keep the air fresh and sunny, so that all kinds of germs lose their breeding conditions.

Emotional recuperation. In the theory of five elements of Chinese medicine, the liver belongs to wood, corresponding to the spring, the main hair rises, Xichangda is relieved and the depression is bad. Modern medical research shows that bad emotions can easily lead to liver qi stagnation, dysfunction of the neuroendocrine system, decreased immune function, and easily cause diseases such as mental illness, liver disease, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Therefore, in the spring, we should pay attention to emotional health, abstain from anger and violent violence in order to support our sexuality, apply generosity, benevolence, kindness, and maintain an optimistic and cheerful mood, so as to achieve liver vitality, physical and mental harmony, and thus play a role in maintaining health, preventing disease, and prolonging life. effect.

Diet and nutrition. In the early spring of yang qi, it is necessary to adjust the diet properly and pay attention to diet and health care. Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach are the origin of the day after tomorrow, the source of human blood and metaplasia. The vitality of the spleen and stomach can prolong life.

In the spring when the liver is prosperous, eating more acidic foods will make the liver fire hyperactive and damage the spleen and stomach. Edible foods rich in protein, sugars, vitamins and minerals, such as lean meat, milk, honey, fresh vegetables, fruits, etc., are conducive to cold and evil, and help yang. Those with yin deficiency and internal heat can eat duck meat, kelp, mung bean, sugar cane juice, lotus root, lily, etc. to nourish yin and clear heat .

Sports recuperation. In spring, you must pay attention to your own yang, avoid adverse effects on the body s yang due to excessive activity and wear, and pay attention to adopting natural qi to nourish the yang.

The key to raising Yang Yang is moving, and never quiet. You should stretch your body, overcome laziness and sleepiness, and participate in outdoor activities, such as Tai Chi, Ba Duan Jin, jogging, gymnastics, etc., so as to adapt your spiritual feelings to nature. In leisure time, go outing with friends and go hiking, they will also be fun and happy, which will speed up the process of metabolism and improve the ability to adapt to climate change and fight diseases .

But if the amount of exercise is too large, sweating during exercise will be exhausting, and will have a negative effect on health. In addition, the elderly should not exercise too early in the morning to prevent colds or asthma, chronic bronchitis due to low morning temperature and heavy fog, and should go out to exercise after the sun rises. And morning exercise should not be fasting, elderly blood flow is relatively slow in the morning, body temperature is low, should drink some hot soup before exercise. Exercise should be soothing. After the morning, the elderly relax muscles and stiffen the ligaments of the joints. Before exercise, gently move the body and joints to prevent accidents caused by sudden exercise.

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