Health principles after the beginning of spring

Chinese medicine believes that after the beginning of spring, the body s yang qi begins to rise. If you can use the spring yang qi to rise and the body s metabolism is strong, using scientific health methods will be very beneficial to fitness and disease prevention throughout the year. Experts concluded the four no principles of spring health for middle-aged and elderly people.

The diet in the spring should be save acid and increase sweetness, because the liver yang is already hyperactive in spring. If you eat acidic food again, the liver qi will be too strong, and the liver will easily damage the spleen and stomach . Therefore, avoid eating sour in spring.

Do not eat acidic foods such as mutton, dog meat, quail, marine fish, shrimp, and crab. Should eat Gan Wen Bupi products, can eat yam, spring bamboo shoots, spinach, jujube, leek and so on. You can also use yam and barley each 30 grams, millet 75 grams, lotus seeds 25 grams, 10 jujubes to cook porridge, add a little sugar as a staple food for long-term consumption.

阳 In the spring, the natural qi begins to rise. The human body should take advantage of this natural characteristic to focus on raising the yang. The key to yang is to move and not to be quiet.

The elderly should actively exercise outdoors. In the spring, there are more negative oxygen ions in the air, which can enhance the working efficiency of the cerebral cortex and cardiopulmonary function, and prevent arteriosclerosis. However, the elderly should not exercise too early to prevent colds or asthma, chronic bronchitis due to low morning temperature and heavy fog. Exercises should be performed after the sun rises. In addition, spring training can not be fasting, the elderly in the morning blood flow is relatively slow, the body temperature is low , you should drink some hot soup before exercise. At the same time, exercise should be soothing, the elderly muscles relax after morning, the joint ligaments are stiff, and the body joints should be gently moved before exercise to prevent accidents caused by sudden exercise .

Relaxing mood helps to nourish the liver, because depression can lead to stagnation of liver qi, affect the liver s drainage function, and also cause neuroendocrine system dysfunction, decreased immunity, and easily lead to mental illness, liver disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases .

The old man was relatively inadequate in yang, and spring is a good time to raise yang. If the sexual desire moves violently and the intercourse is more frequent, it will consume qi and damage the yang, and further damage the yang. Therefore, the elderly should properly abstain from spring.

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