How much to know about weight loss

Three meals must be eaten reasonably. Generally, breakfast is good, and lunch is a bit full, but dont be too full. You can eat less dinner. Breakfast generally eat high-protein and low-fat foods, such as milk and eggs, but don t forget to add appropriate calories. Lunch is mainly protein and vegetables. Dinner can be eaten lighter, but nutrition must be guaranteed.

Don t sit down immediately after eating, you can stand for half an hour, or simply take a walk, this can not only avoid the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, but also exercise and exercise, why not?

Weight loss is definitely indispensable for exercise. If you really want to lose body fat, each exercise must take more than half an hour to achieve the effect of consuming body fat. You can try jogging, walking or walking up the stairs. Specific items It depends on your actual situation.

Swimming is a good way to lose weight by aerobic exercise. It can improve cardiopulmonary function. Those who cant swim can take a quick walk in the swimming pool instead. Try not to pursue speed and meet the heart rate requirements. At the same time, you must pay attention to sufficient oxygen.

Sit straight on the chair, put your hands on any arm of the chair, put your feet flat on the ground, pull your body up from 1 to 10, then return to the previous sitting position, repeat this action repeatedly. Through this exercise your lower back muscles will be stabilized and strengthened.

Replenish water in time after weight-loss exercise, and play a supporting role in weight loss. The absorption of water can help metabolically accelerate and electrolytically balance. After exercise, you should drink a moderate amount of water, preferably a mineral sports drink; while vitamin supplementation will keep people healthy, and vitamins can Accelerate the burning of fat to a certain extent.

Eat and drink strictly in accordance with the recipes made by your own nutritionist every day, and the foods in each meal have a reasonable mix of nutrients, with the goal of balanced nutrition. The reason why eating less and eating more meals does not cause weight gain is because it controls people s hunger with a minimum amount of food, and does not have excessive calorie intake.

Cycling is very suitable for aerobic training. Because it is outdoor sports, it can sweat a lot to improve weight loss. At the same time, outdoor oxygen is sufficient to achieve the effect of aerobic exercise.

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