How obese children eat to lose weight, traffic light diet

According to statistics, 12% of children in China are overweight. Why are such children obese? The cause of childhood obesity is, on the one hand, genetic factors, and on the other hand, the acquired feeding method. In simple terms, it is eating too much Less movement is also the main cause of childhood obesity.

Many parents think that babies are fat and cute, but in fact, childhood obesity may cause a lot of health problems. Obese infants under 1 year old are prone to respiratory infections, leg bone deformation, fatty liver, sexual development abnormalities, etc. Obese children It is also susceptible to diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, and it is also easy to cause sleep apnea syndrome (snoring), which is likely to cause hypoxia in the brain, which has a certain impact on intellectual development.

How can we prevent childhood obesity? To prevent childhood obesity, we should start from pregnancy and start from daily life, pay attention to control the child s diet, and let the child exercise more.

Pay attention to weight control during pregnancy. Statistics show that the more weight you gain during pregnancy, the heavier your newborn will be, and the more likely your newborn will be obese. Therefore, preventing childhood obesity should begin during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding. Breastfeeding within 6 months of birth is one of the most effective measures to prevent obesity. Studies have shown that the proportion of obese infants and young children who are not breastfed is 24.6%. This is because artificial feeding of infants is more likely to cause overfeeding.

Cultivate healthy eating habits. According to the age of the child, reasonably arrange a day s diet, do not let the child starve, eat, and avoid too greasy, fried food and too much starchy food. When you are overweight, you should cancel snacks between meals, eat more vegetarian fruits, and prevent children from eating fried and starchy foods.

exercise more. When you are overweight, diet control and increasing exercise should go hand in hand, gradually increase the amount of physical activity time and activity, activities should be diversified, and children s interest should be maintained so that activities can be sustained to achieve results.

There are obese children in the family. How can I help him lose weight? Children are at the peak of growth and development. Therefore, they cannot adopt excessive weight loss methods. Children should start from two aspects of diet and exercise to lose weight. The traffic light diet can help parents control their children. Diet.

High-fat foods: fried foods (including fried chicken, potato chips, churros, etc.), animal oils (such as pig, beef, sheep, chicken oil), various animal fats, butter, grade oil, cookies.

Vegetables: radishes, potatoes, mung bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, winter melon, cucumbers, tomatoes, greens, cabbage, carrots, pumpkins, celery, water chestnuts, green beans, etc. ;;

Breakfast: you can choose yellow light zone food and green light zone food, pay attention to dry and thin mix, such as light milk, eggs, bread or soy milk, custard, steamed buns, and mixed tofu. For children under 12, the total breakfast should not exceed 150 grams.

Lunch: Be sure to be full. You can choose yellow light zone food, green light zone food, and a small amount of red light zone food. Vegetables in the green light zone should be the main source, and the amount of staple food ( ie rice noodles) in the yellow light zone should be reduced. The amount of animal food in the yellow and green light zones should be supplemented. Pay attention to the combination of vegetarian food. The ratio of vegetarian food is generally 1: 2-3 …

Exercise is one of the effective ways to lose weight, and at the same time it can strengthen your physique and reduce illness. In aerobic exercise, the initial energy source of muscle contraction is sugar. When continuous exercise is performed for more than 120 minutes, the free fatty acid can supply up to 50-70%. Sports suitable for children include long-distance running, walking, swimming, kicking, skipping, relay running, cycling, etc. It should be noted that, because of their weight and poor cardiopulmonary function, obese children should not exercise too much.

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