How to arrange more meals for men to lose weight

Men can t diet on breakfast and lose weight during meals. They should eat enough, drink bowl of soup before lunch, eat 70% full, eat less staple food, mainly vegetables.

How do men eat three meals to lose weight? Most of the obesity of male friends starts from the stomach. Want to eliminate beer belly, in addition to active exercise, but also pay attention to three meals a day, a reasonable diet is the key factor for successful weight loss. So how do men arrange three meals to lose weight?

Men lose weight, eat three meals a day for breakfast, do not diet, and eat enough. Many people are anxious to send their children to school in the morning, rushing to work by themselves, and will choose not to eat breakfast in order to lose weight. This is wrong. The morning is the time when the spleen and stomach function is activated, and the bile secretion is exuberant. Without breakfast, it will harm organ function and health. Therefore, you can t diet for breakfast, but you need to be full and nutritious.

You can drink bowl of soup before lunch and eat until you are 70% full. Drinking a bowl of soup before meals is a very healthy lifestyle. It can increase nutrition. Soup can occupy a part of the stomach and eat less. But drink too much oily soup. There is no taboo for lunch. Rice, steamed buns, chicken, duck and fish eggs can all be eaten. Because eating too much will affect the rest after lunch. Don t drink tea immediately after lunch, you can drink tea for 60 minutes.

Eat less staple food, mainly vegetables. Dinner is the most sumptuous meal for most office workers. However, if you want to control your belly, you should eat rice and other staple foods for dinner. If you want to focus on vegetables, eggs, fish and lean meat, soup with mushrooms is also a good choice. It is best not to eat staple foods after eight in the evening to avoid causing abdominal fat and inducing gastric diseases.

Many friends feel that if they eat according to healthy recipes, they will definitely be hungry at night. In fact, this is just the body s early maladaptation. If you feel very uncomfortable, you can drink a glass of milk and eat soy products such as dried tofu to solve hungry. However, you must not eat more than greedy, as long as you can alleviate hunger a little.

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