How to health in spring

The measure of the year lies in the spring, the beginning of spring! This year is the second day of the Lunar New Year, and the February 4th of the Gregorian calendar is the beginning of the solar term. The beginning of the year is the first of the 24 solar terms of the year. With the arrival of the solar term in the spring, the temperature in our city has gradually increased, and the beginning of spring indicates that everything in nature has begun to recover into spring.

Spring is the best time for physical fitness investment. The spring is bright and full of vitality, so you can see new things and stretch your yang. Therefore, keeping up after the beginning of spring is particularly important.

In the period after the beginning of spring, the weather was warm and cold at first, and the climate changed a lot. It was easy for the people to say the cold spring weather, which turned cold after a period of warming. At this time, human body management began to become loose with the arrival of spring, and its ability to resist cold evil was weakened. How to keep up in this season? Hospital experts made recommendations to everyone.

After the spring, the time sequence begins to enter spring. Spring is the season when everything grows and develops. Living and diet are especially important. Laying a solid foundation for health throughout the year through home improvement, diet, etc.

Living and recuperating, that is, paying attention to the details of daily life at all times, the climate in spring is relatively large, and the weather is cold and warm at first. As the body s logic begins to become loose, the ability to resist cold evil has weakened. Therefore, it is not appropriate to go to cotton clothes in the early spring season, and the elderly and infirm should be cautious in dressing, and should not be abruptly reduced. Common people often say, It s better to be cold than cold in spring. This requires us to pay attention to the warmth of clothing, to get up early at night, wear a hairless hair, loose the belt, stretch the body, and participate in outdoor activities. In the early spring season, the sun is sunny and warm when it is sunny, and the cold air hits when it is cloudy. The small cold air that often regains moisture makes people feel back to winter. Therefore, after the beginning of spring, we must adhere to the principle of spring cover autumn freez ing , pay attention to keep warm, and increase or decrease clothes in a timely manner.

In terms of diet and nutrition, we should focus on green vegetables. Should pay attention to eat less sour foods, to prevent liver qi is too strong, it is necessary to appropriately increase sweet foods, which will help tonic, and avoid spleen and liver spleen. The food you eat should be cool. Use hot food with caution or fasting, so as to prevent the diet from promoting internal heat and causing warm diseases. After the beginning of spring, you should drink chrysanthemum tea, honeysuckle and other heat to disperse the wind. You can also drink scented tea. The scented tea is cool but not cold, and it is more neutral. Should eat fresh vegetables, such as spinach, mustard, bean sprouts and so on.

After the spring, entering the spring is the best time for sports and health. Fitness and health care starts from exercise. Exercise can improve the body s resistance and activate muscles and bones. As the saying goes: The season of the year lies in the spring and the season of the day lies in the morning. The early morning of the day is the time when the yang is born, so entering the spring, the early morning is most suitable for sports. Tai Chi, jogging, walking , outings, mountain climbing, etc. are all good choices.

阳 Yang yang in spring, exercise conditioning should avoid movement. Therefore, from the beginning of the beginning of spring, it is necessary to do a variety of exercises to relieve muscles and strengthen blood circulation, with emphasis on stretching and stretching the cervical spine, hip, shoulder, and knee joints. There are more negative oxygen ions in the air in spring, which can enhance the working efficiency of the cerebral cortex and cardiopulmonary function. When the weather is fine and windless, you should actively exercise outdoors. After the beginning of spring, exercise should be selected according to different ages, genders, occupations, hobbies, and different training intensities. In principle, it is recommended to increase outdoor activities, so that the body and mind can be bathed in the spring, draw natural vitality, and enhance the body s disease resistance.

But when you exercise in daily life, pay attention to various protective work. When the wind is strong, try to avoid going out as much as possible. When you cant avoid it, bring a scarf and hat to protect your head and neck. Add and remove clothes as the temperature changes, and dont reduce too much when you reduce your clothes to prevent a cold.

After the spring, the weather has changed from cold to warm, and various pathogenic bacteria and viruses have grown and reproduced accordingly. It is necessary to do a good job in disease prevention and health care. Especially in the early spring, warm and poisonous toxins are active, and it is a season when epidemics such as influenza, measles, and pneumonia occur frequently.

After the beginning of spring, the climate is characterized by wind and air. Wind evil can be used as a pathogenic factor alone, and it is often combined with other evil air. When the wind evil invades the human body, it invades the upper lung , and the human body is most susceptible to pneumonia. And other diseases. Especially in the early spring, the weather changed from cold to warm. When the human body was born with yang, warm and poisonous evils began to become active, and various pathogenic bacteria and viruses grew and reproduced. Therefore, it was a period of frequent and epidemic diseases such as pneumonia. At the same time, after the beginning of spring, the range of lesions is wide, the number of wind and evil deeds is variable, the changes are uncertain, and the channels are up and down, and the forehead can be reached directly, and the waist and knees can be invaded if committed. There are also diseases that are prone to convulsions, convulsions, tremors, and rigidity.

Therefore, after the beginning of spring, we must pay attention to the prevention of spring diseases. Hospital experts recommend that the source of infection be eliminated. Open windows often in homes, offices, and other rooms to allow indoor air to circulate and keep the air fresh. Exercises need to be strengthened to improve the body s defense capabilities.

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