How to lose weight before marriage

Are you ready to step into the red carpet with your beloved at this time? In order to make you the most beautiful bride, I will introduce to you the prospective brides to lose weight fast before marriage. Try it out! Very effective!

Do not drink any liquid calories. What are liquid calories? This refers to soda or coffee. Avoiding soda and coffee is definitely the easiest way to lose weight. Studies have shown that calories often exist not only in canned beverages, but also beverages that you might not have imagined. Just a cup of 20-ounce cola or tea adds up to about 2,000 calories of sandwich sugar. Therefore, when choosing a beverage, we should insist on drinking water and unsweetened green tea, hot and cold. If you must drink a cup of coffee in the morning, don t add more than a teaspoon of sugar. Try flavoring with cinnamon and nutmeg spices, they help you to add sugar and their antioxidants are rich.

Your eyes are your greatest asset-use them to match your food intake. With lunch and dinner, vegetables account for 50%; protein (tofu, chicken breast, shrimp) accounts for 25%; cereals (rice, wheat) account for 25% ; a small portion of vegetable fats, such as a teaspoon of olive oil, some nuts. This combination can limit your calorie intake, and it will make you feel full, balance carbohydrates, proteins and fats to keep your blood sugar stable, while also stimulating your body to contract your cellular fat.

Eat Breakfast every day. Skipping breakfast slows down metabolism and makes weight loss more difficult. Breakfast must also be re-matched, replacing fruits with vegetables. A quick and convenient breakfast includes a bowl of oatmeal with minced almonds and berries; or sunflower seeds with a cup of soy milk; and fruit buffy made with Greek yogurt.

Target weight loss for your obese body. Stomachs can be used for crunches, 20 per day is enough. The arm can try this: Inhale and grab your left elbow with your right hand behind your head. Inhale and press down on your left arm for a few seconds. Return to elbows with both hands. Do it on the other side. After the other side is done, return to the elbows holding each other, inhale, stretch your arms out, and still hold your elbows. Hold for 10 minutes and breathe naturally. Exhale, lower your arms and relax. Keep doing this group every day and it will be effective in a week.

Let you get rid of the bun face: chewing gum, carbonated drinks, artificial sweeteners, drinking with a straw, eating too fast, not eating, these will swell your stomach, these must not be done.

On the day, choose cereals, proteins to replenish energy, and stabilize blood sugar. If you feel nervous, add some healthy snacks to your menu of the day, such as sugar-free dried fruit, almonds, small pieces of cheese, and some whole wheat crackers.

You took your first sip of champagne before the party. Almost no food in your stomach absorbs alcohol, and the alcohol in your blood will rise rapidly. Absorb some protein, such as some cheese or a small amount of nuts to create a buffer zone , or you can drink a glass of water to dilute the alcohol in the body. Many media have reported that many brides passed out before because because they drank too much champagne and did not eat So something fainted!

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