Incidence of respiratory diseases is very high in winter

According to hospital data, the incidence of respiratory diseases is very high in winter. So how can we make a comprehensive protection for ourselves when winter comes?

Most common respiratory diseases in winter begin with the throat. When it’s cold in winter, we always wear heavy down jacket, sweater, jeans and so on. All in all, it’s a comprehensive package for the body, but one thing is the neck, which is always ignored by us.

In fact, it is very unscientific to do so. In winter, the cold wind easily invades our body through our neck, causing sore throat and so on. Therefore, when the cold wind comes, we’d better put on a warm scarf to better protect ourselves. Of course, it also makes sense to surround your family with your own hands.

After the heavy snow, the weather will be colder and drier. People all know that it is necessary to drink more water to get sick less. But drinking water also pays attention to methods. First of all, do not drink too much water at one time, 200ml or so; at the same time, it is better to ensure that the daily drinking water volume is more than 1800ml. The rest is enough in the diet. At the same time, don’t drink cold water after exercise to avoid the stress reaction caused by cold weather and cold water stimulation.

In addition to the occurrence of respiratory diseases in winter caused by viruses, there is also part of it caused by allergies. Therefore, effective avoidance of allergens is another major guarantee to reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases. Common allergens: pollen, egg, peanut, pet, metal, etc.

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