Increased estrogen in river water affects the body

Precocious puberty in children is a problem that many parents care about in recent years. As for why precocious puberty in children is increasing, experts have analyzed it a lot. One of the relevant factors is that there are more and more estrogen-like substances in the environment …

Why is there more and more estrogen-like substances in the current environment? Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Zhejiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention that a study by the Center s Institute of Environmental and Occupational Health showed that some small workshops dismantle electronic waste irregularly, which is one of the reasons for the increase in estrogen-like substances in the environment.

The study by the Environmental Protection Center of the Luzhou Provincial Center for Disease Control has a long and academic name: the study of the migration of organic pollutants and heavy metals in the environment of electronic waste and their impact on human health. This research has just stood out from more than 200 studies nationwide recently and passed the preliminary review of the Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award.

Why did this study get such a high evaluation? This has something to do with China s special national conditions. According to statistics from relevant departments, about 60% of electronic waste in the world is dismantled in China. Why do people like to import e-waste and disassemble it? Lou Xiaoming, director of the Environmental Engineering Institute, said that by dismantling electronic waste, many precious metals can be separated and extracted, and these metals are the value of electronic waste.

However, in the process of extracting metals, it also polluted the environment. E-waste is dismantled all over the country, and some parts of our province also have such dismantling points. A common situation is that e-waste is scattered in multiple small homes for disassembly. The common disassembly method is manual disassembly. And combustion. Such methods have a great impact on the environment.

For example, in the process of dismantling the transformer, it will cause a substance called polychlorinated biphenyls to leak, which is a typical environmental estrogen pollutant and a threat to health. It is said that since 2007, the Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention has been concerned about the harm that e-waste dismantling may cause to the health of surrounding residents.

They selected a number of cities in our province for comparative research. Through the comparison of blood and urine samples of residents, and the tracking and monitoring of various types of persistent organic pollutants and heavy metals in foods such as vegetables, grains, and rice, they analyzed the demolition of e-waste. Explain what the impact is.

The director of Diaolou described a phenomenon discovered during the investigation. In order to study the impact of electronic waste on environmental organisms, they would catch catfish in the river for analysis and research. In the natural environment, there is a certain ratio of female catfish to male catfish. Generally, the ratio of male to female is 8 to 10: 1, but the researchers caught more than 100 catfish for dissection, and the results were all female. Only one male gonad was found. It is also an bisexual fish , which is a manifestation of environmental estrogen increase.

In the comparative study, I also found a phenomenon worthy of attention. Mr. Lou introduced that in order to find out how much impact e-waste will have on people, a comparative study must be done, that is, a place where e- waste is dismantled, and a place where there is no e-waste disassembly. The location was chosen to be more than 80 kilometers away from the e-waste dismantling site, and a mountain was separated between the two places.

Although it is 80 kilometers apart and separated by a mountain, these volatile organic pollutants will migrate long distances with the airflow. The director of the building said that in the next study, a farther distance was selected without electronic disassembly. The location serves as a reference city, and also reflects this situation to the local government, hoping that they can adopt some policies to protect the environment.

According to the results of the comparative study, the project team gave three suggestions for the dismantling of e-waste: rectify the small workshops, concentrate the e-waste treatment in one place, and improve the dismantling process.

Once the environmental pollution is caused, it will be difficult to eliminate in a short period of time. We hope that through the study of this topic, we can provide references for garbage dismantling areas throughout the country and take precautionary measures early. These pollutants, by contaminating water, soil, and air, and then entering the body through the food chain, will bring hidden health risks.

According to the results of environmental monitoring, it is recommended that in areas with severe pollution, it is forbidden to grow crops, prohibit farming, and eat local food such as meat and poultry eggs. At the same time, local or foreign residents should be prohibited from using local untreated water to wash vegetables and cook. Or drink directly. Some garbage dismantling sites in the province have already made rectification measures under our suggestion, and we will continue to pay attention to changes in various types of pollutants in the environment , said Director Lou.

Environmental estrogen is a chemical substance that exists in the environment and has similar hormonal properties in the body, which mainly disrupts the human endocrine system. After the environmental estrogen substances enter the human body, they compete with the hormones normally secreted by the human body, and combine with the hormone receptors in the cells, causing an excess of human hormones, an endocrine system disorder, affecting the normal work of human sex hormones, and various functional disorders.

Women often suffer from endometriosis, uterine fibroids, ovarian cancer, breast cancer and other diseases. Men often develop symptoms such as testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and decreased sperm count and quality.

Substances that cause environmental estrogens are: organochlorine pesticides such as DDT, PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) chemicals, toxic gases such as dioxins from waste combustion, and DES (female synthetic hormone) Diethylstilbestrol) and other pharmaceutical products.

In addition, Freon produced by old refrigerators; various plastic products, especially plastic food appliances, can release a large amount of biphenol A, phthalate, polyethylene, PCB polychlorinated biphenyls, etc. There are also benzophenone, antacid BHA and hydroxybenzene in cosmetics. And various pigments and preservatives. These environmental estrogen substances are ubiquitous in our daily lives, and the impact on our health cannot be ignored.

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