Know your true feelings before losing weight

Women are rarely satisfied with their body, always want to thin a few pounds, but it is difficult to truly achieve the desire to lose weight successfully. Because there is a dislocation between our real body and our ideal body.

All the women in the world want to have a graceful figure. Because of this dream, we often feel a sense of depression. Ever wondered what would happen if you let go of your attachment? Elizabeth Martin, a psychotherapist, believes that When people can accept themselves, the body changes easily. The limbs become softer and the gait is more calm. Amazingly, the fat we want to lose begins It s gone, and the previously ineffective diet has begun to take effect.

杨 Xiao Yang in the Thousands of Golds weighs 175 kg. At birth of 3.4 kg, she started to gain weight 100 days after birth, and her biological brother is said to be slim. Genetics are closely related to people s body, so slim, not everyone is treated equally. In addition, personal eating habits, including how we feel about food in our childhood, and how well we maintain our respective eating habits, also affect our body shape.

If we always ask ourselves with the goal of ideal figure, we may still feel fat even if we already have a slim and beautiful figure. Thin people find it difficult to correct the idea that they are overweight, Elizabeth explained. Because this idea is the crux of other problems-in order to prevent self-subversive questions, she would rather blame love frustration. To her body. This will make her unconsciously reject her femininity.

Our image is there. The her in the mirror is so clear, but it is difficult for us to see it clearly and objectively, because the mind controls our perception of the body.

Elizabeth believes: What we see is not what we are. Our vision is determined by two basic factors: on the one hand, how parents evaluate our appearance and gender identity; on the other hand, we ourselves have started from early development. Shaped inner self-image. Psychologically speaking, a real figure is far less important than an ideal figure. Therefore, in order to feel good about ourselves and avoid demanding ourselves, we need to see ourselves better.

This good self-evaluation is exactly what 28-year-old Mo Hui lacks. Her parents lacked warmth and were very disappointed in giving birth to the girl. The lack of emotion makes it difficult for Mo Hui to take an objective view of her figure . When everyone said she was fine, she still felt fat. Mo Hui s mind and body are full of contradictions: I want my mind to be peaceful, but my body always disturbs me. I feel like I m full of fat and I can t wear sports shorts or tights.

In addition, the body is a unified whole and is the result of psychological effects. If a person is psychologically divided into blocks, then she feels that the body is not a complete and unified body, but a combination of parts. For example, the child sees her body as parts that can be disassembled and assembled, and the mother s touch and words make her psychologically unified.

The psychological gap makes a difference in our perception of the body, Elizabeth explained. We met some people who only perceive all parts of the body, some parts they like and some don t like. Hip, make up., But my abdomen is too big. They will always pay attention to themselves and ask people around them, Do you think I m still fat? For them, their bodies have been split, their true and ideal bodies The gap is extremely extreme.

First of all, no longer care what others say, I want to be healthy and slim. What I really need to do is face up to my body, accept its problems, and always pay attention to the emotions, physical reactions, and nutritional effects of weight loss.

Don t self-exclude, but understand your true feelings and the true meaning of diet. It is important to restore both hunger and fullness. Some weight loss programs let you eat before you feel hungry, but that wont work. After a while, you will feel empty. If you want to get a long and slim figure, you must restore the balance between hunger and fullness.

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