Laser beauty, dear, are you excited?

Laser beauty keeps skin youthful. Beauty is a woman s nature, but due to the dual pressures of work and life, women no longer dress up as well as before, so symptoms such as dark yellow appear. In fact, women stay dark due to staying up late, anemia or other factors Huang, so we must have good habits in life, so that we can maintain youth.

Treatments for dull skin tone use laser, pulsed light, LED skin beauty device, laser skin rejuvenation, etc. Among them, laser skin rejuvenation uses a specific wide-spectrum colored light, which is directly reflected on the skin surface and can penetrate deep into the skin., Laser skin rejuvenation acts acts on subcutaneous pigments or blood vessels, dissolves pigmentation, closes abnormal red bloodshots, and eliminates various flaws on the skin.

Holmium laser skin rejuvenation acts on skin tissues to produce photothermal and photochemical effects, promote the regeneration and rearrangement of collagen fibers and elastic fibers, restore facial skin elasticity, eliminate wrinkles, or reduce laser skin rejuvenation and pore shrinkage. Thus play the role of anti -aging skin and make skin younger.

It is absorbed by the pigment group in the tissue and the hemoglobin in the blood vessel. Without destroying normal tissue cells, laser skin rejuvenation and whitening can destroy and decompose the expanded blood vessels, pigment clumps, pigment cells, etc. Laser skin rejuvenation whitening, red bloodshot effect.

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