Laser beauty is not bad and not as good as you think

Laser beauty is good, there are no side effects of laser beauty, the answer is yes! In fact, as long as you choose a professional and regular plastic hospital to find an experienced dermatologist for treatment, you will avoid these risks and ensure the safety and reliability of the treatment to the greatest extent.

A: No. Many people think that laser beauty will damage the skin, the skin surface is damaged, just like the wall skin is cut off, it becomes thinner and thinner. In fact, after 25 years of age, as our skin grows, collagen and elastin are lost, and the skin gradually becomes thinner. The laser lightens pigmentation by selective heat, removes dilated small blood vessels, repairs light-damaged skin, and improves skin appearance.

At the same time, the photothermal effect of the laser can activate skin fibroblasts, increase collagen, cause molecular structure changes in dermal collagen fibers and elastic fibers, increase the number, rearrange and restore the elasticity of the skin, thereby reducing wrinkles and reducing pores .effect.

Therefore, laser beauty will not only make the skin thin, but will increase the thickness of the skin, make it more compact, elastic, and transform to a younger age.

A: No. Many people believe that laser beauty skin becomes thinner, and the skin is not protected by old skin. The skin will become sensitive, heat-resistant, wind-resistant, and sensitive to cosmetics.

Although in a short time, the laser will indeed reduce the moisture of the epidermis, or the stratum corneum will be damaged after laser beauty; the laser of exfoliative treatment will form the scalp skin. But all the damages are within the controllable range and will heal. The newly healed skin has a complete structure (including the stratum corneum, even if the stratum corneum is not treated, there will be new and old replacements) and new and old replacements. Functional, so scientific laser beauty will not make the skin sensitive.

A: No. Many people believe that the laser cosmetic effect is okay, but once it is done, it will cause dependence (addiction), and it will rebound or worsen if it is not done. This view is held without understanding the laws of aging and the science of beauty.

The aging of human skin is continuous and will not be stopped for whatever reason. All our efforts are to slow down the pace of aging. Laser cosmetology is like cleaning a dirty room. It will be better after treatment. After a while, it will still be dirty and still need to be cleaned. In order to obtain the ideal results, multiple treatments or maintenance treatments are inevitably required. This is not because we are dependent on or addicted to laser light, but is required by the rotation of the wheel of time.

The human body is complex. Everyone s response to a certain stimulus and its degree are different. For the same problem, some people get good results three times, and some people may not get good results seven or eight times. It s like the amount of alcohol in a person. Some people get drunk with a liquor or two, and some dont lose a pound.

At the same time, many diseases are destined to be recurrent, and current treatments are only improving. For example, freckles are genetic diseases that can only be maintained for a period of time after treatment, and there will always be a certain degree of relapse thereafter. In other words, it is unscientific to contribute to the battle.

However, it is necessary to point out that sun protection is not something to pay attention to after laser beauty. Studies have shown that ultraviolet rays in the sun are the main killers of skin photoaging (spots, red blood, and fine wrinkles). From the perspective of preventing light damage and protecting the skin, pay attention to sun protection whenever possible, and according to different environments Choose a different sunscreen.

A: No. Laser cosmetology is also relatively safe. If the performance of the equipment is not good, or the operator has insufficient clinical experience, there are certain risks.

Pain: Even if some devices claim to be painless hair removal, the pain will still be felt when the treatment amount is finally reached (the energy must be felt when the energy is accumulated to the treatment amount), of course, the pain generally ends with the end of the treatment;

Erythema, purpura, blisters, or scabs: The essence of laser action is thermal damage, so there are often these manifestations. In most cases, these symptoms are symptoms that are necessarily accompanied by treatment, and sometimes they are manifestations of energy regulation and the body s maladjustment;

Pigmentation: Most people s skin can achieve whitening and firming effect by laser beauty. After laser beauty, as long as you pay attention to sun protection, most people are safe, but for some diseases (chloasma), some people (recent exposure, (Or there is ingestion of light-sensitive substances) may cause pigmentation (the skin tone may be darker than before treatment), which takes weeks or even months to recover; acne-like rash: Sometimes it is originally treated for acne, but can be treated after the first treatment Instead, it causes acne-like rashes, which are usually temporary. Of course, there are different treatments that may have other adverse effects.

In general, as long as you choose a professional and regular plastic hospital to find an experienced dermatologist for treatment, you will avoid these risks and ensure the safety and reliability of the treatment to the greatest extent.

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